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Monitor Archive for February 8, 1983

Persuading the Europeans
US-Europe ties muddied by farm 'subsidies war'
Chinese leaders shuffled in most populous province
Washington's debacle in Central America
Europe may be breaking away from Reagan's proposed 'zero option'
Esperanto leads to instant friendships around the world
Israel mediates new pact between Lebanon militias
Unconventional art: in search of more 'showplaces' across the South
US auto dealers glad to see more tires being kicked
All-Star game nostalgia
Trial of Klaus Barbie keeps World War II memories alive
The art of lobbying: author Judith Meredith describes her method
The Burger plan to unburden the court
Greek Communists join protest on US aid plan
Two Caribbean retreats
Oil decline: Non-oil Arab states and Israel will survive
Opera workshops: training ground for future Pavarottis
Drugs, alcohol, crime links studied by US
Landslide again in Paraguay vote
ode to a Russian immigrant
Two Caribbean retreats
Why nation's school buildings are in disrepair
The past is prologue
The shut-in at nr. 7 Liberty Street
Cook-it-yourself colonial meal evokes America's past
Israel tightens grip on 'North Bank' in Lebanon
China: and now Shultz
Shultz affirms American support for Korea
Tanguy: a first-class illustrator of the imagination -- but no more
A step away from the new order
Why Shultz not worried over negative Chinese reports on his Peking visit
Reagan's political standing: Will economic growth be enough to boost it?
Boston's OIC: training inner-city residents for high-tech jobs
US tries to get back into UN's anti-A-bomb agency
'Winds of War' mini-series may set TV ratings record
Kremlin wants to unclog bottlenecks, spur economy with free-market incentives
I only need a place to stand
US-China trade: Peking's unconvincing case
Farmers try to cut costs, find new markets
Philippine rebels shift tactics on Mindanao
Defense cuts -- why the ax is dull

Japan businessmen eager to restore Soviet ties
Peace Corps volunteer services provide opportunities, satisfaction
Nixon the historian to anchor TV series
Iraq denies Iranian claim of major military victory
Lawyer ethics code set back
Mrs. Gandhi's ups-and-downs
Quebec adamant in strike with high-paid public unions
Drug use less accepted by youth, studies show
The siege of Dan River: Virginia textile mills vs. a Northern investor
Soviet satellite's A-core plunges into sea, US says