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Monitor Archive for February 7, 1983

More suspects netted in record cash heist
Where the economy is heading
Scandal involving British governor rocks Bermuda
US Jews protest treatment of Soviet dissidents, refuseniks
Australia's clash of the titans: Fraser vs. Hawke
Santa Monica: where liberal ideology meets the sea
Contempt or cooperation
Designing and organizing the ideal child-care center
Vietnam set for attack on Kampuchean rebels
Brokers' role in financing Uncle Sam's big deficits
Household objects offer opportunities for children's play on winter days
What future may hold for world oil
What arrival of 'Baby Bell' means to phone customers
Gandhi party set for rebound in local elections
Early Mozart symphony is authentic, experts say
Federal judge acquitted in landmark bribery case
Poems and letters are links between school, 'real world'
Troubled Congress sets sights on job programs
Questioning, Searching
Your identity is intact
Harlem Globetrotter ace still enjoying role after 20 years

Lebanon and the Marines
Paraguayans set to return President to office
Always a lot of essays to grade
How Gulf war is bad -- and good -- for some in oil world
Car bomb destroys last PLO office in Beirut
Nigeria, Africa's smoldering 'showpiece'
Is the press damaging Reagan?
Reagan's envoys East and West: smoothing the waters
Moscow raises price on some consumer goods
A way to help put America back to work -- and save energy
Wanted: good corporate citizens
Reading aloud helps; The Real Reason Why Johnny Still Can't Read, by Stanley L. Sharp, Exposition Press, Smithtown, N.Y. $12.95).
Peking sounds sour note over Taiwan arms
What future may hold for world oil
News on scholarships, peace corps, women engineers, other issues
Boeing gets jetliner lift from Asia with new Chinese and Thai orders
Money market funds seek risk insurance
Decoupling Lebanon and the West Bank
US chief justice outlines ideas to ease high court's caseload
Challenge for new GOP chairman: attracting more women to party
National Foundation: a roving spotlight that beams on young talent
US recalls advisers from El Salvador for violations
Ex-CIA agent Wilson gets second conviction
Staging the black struggle with vigor and eloquence
Reagan's envoys East and West: smoothing the waters
Nazi fugitive brought to France for war crimes
US seeks resignation of convicted Teamsters chief
Jobs: a January thaw
E.P. and the $7 million plan