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Monitor Archive for February 3, 1983

US officer in Beirut averts an Israeli tank crossing
Tracing the history of US government's civil rights 'conscience'
Recalling the good, but hard, days on the plains
Advertisers begin to set sights on the over-49 segment of the market
Indira Gandhi names son to prominent party post
That you live forever
Papua New Guinea debates tough bill to stem lawlessness
Too much intelligence
Thinking big in West Germany: Wagner and Fassbinder
Saving heating dollars with double-duty use
Two-sport world champion Beth Heiden now a varsity skier
Bush links united NATO to success in arms talks
Is the universe friendly?
Reagan to Soviets: alter course on Jews, Poland
The big-power struggle for Europe intensifies
The many masks of modern art
Reagan tries to steer Civil Rights Commission to the right
Elizabeth Dole confirmed as transportation chief
Cosmic 'enigma' yields its secrets
Some last Super Bowl reflections; a hockey rarity; Olympic standards
Democrats begin long, costly bid for White House
Some tips on kerosene
Two arrested in theft at armored-car company
US-Honduran exercise is threat, Nicaragua says
Looking for a Bulgarian connection
Beautiful at any age
The reluctant star
Furry, frisky ferrets make frolicking friends
What economists are saying: OPEC . . . recovery without inflation
A voice for GOP feminists in California
Senate budget chief says Reagan must expect cuts
Oil price cut may bring Egypt's problems home to roost
Threat of funding cutoff forces more states to clean up auto pollution
Deficits, joblessness, and the econmic 'ifs'
Always its the yield of it that tells
Factory-order rise is attributed to military
The flowing mirror
Seal hunters -- endangered species in Greenland
TV sprouting 'biz shows' -- and a new one's coming
A new view
'Nonsense,' Botha says; S. Africa denies rebel links
Mellon gives 93 works to National Gallery
It is premature early to cry or crow about OPEC
Nurturing 'a fungus among us' may mean hardier, faster-growing trees
New Catholic cardinals include Pole and Latvian
Deficits, joblessness, and the economic 'ifs'
Politics clouds world oil prices - and keeps many economies on edge
Kayak patrols: quietly protecting Idaho's trout
W. Germany to finish Rhine-Danube canal
They're off!
Why politics, not economics, sets British oil prices
Truckers advised to travel together to avoid violence
Oh, deer! Here come some more cross-country skiers!
Chinese-American relations -- from romance to realism
Georgie Geyer covers it all -- from Angola to El Salvador
Andropov on the shop floor
Calls for separatism in Quebec are replaced by pleas for jobs
Turk is charged with plot to kill Pope in May visit
Africa's heavy debts leave it on a precipice
Sizing up the sun at home sites
Punxsutawney Phil forecasts short winter
Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet Company; Dancer's life on the road -- hard work, trials, but it's 'great fun'