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Monitor Archive for February 23, 1983

Awards given for best designs in home furnishings
Reagan pulls out all stops to lobby for defense buildup
Neighborhoods come to aid of cities
Beguiling bloom
Banks' tax-repeal drive may stall

Polish leader unveils new economic program
Australian election: rough-and-tumble leaders battle over jobs, union power.
Australia struggling with 10.1% unemployment
Window treatments
US will purchase property of Times Beach residents
Oregon does an about-face and welcomes outsiders
French protest detention of doctor in Afghanistan
What Wall Street 'experts' forgot; The New Contrarian Investment Strategy, by David Dreman. New York: Random House. 343 pp. $16.95.
Let's hear it for the politicians

How Guatemalan dictator cut through nation's chaos
Do orchestras play Mahler too well? For greater authenticity some suggest performances need genuine struggle
Start planning now for retirement; Retire Easy: The Bluebook of Retirement Planning, 1982-1983 Edition, by Thomas L. Nolan Jr. Manitowoc, Wis. (PO B...
Royal family squelches stories in London daily

Mark Talbott: a 'common man' who is dominating pro squash this year
China to hang tough in Soviet talks

Teens join battle to curb drug abuse
Banana bread always a favorite

Borrowing without getting burned
A key to tackling drug abuse: don't stress blame
What Arafat wants from Washington
One expert's cry for some healthy skepticism about computers
A wilderness of one's own
Soviets hint possible release of dissident Shcharansky

'Death of a Salesman' -- with a Peking twist
Reagan tries to pump life into Mideast plan
Monopoly firm loses trademark
Tax books: bigger is seldom better
Tragic tensions in India
Reagan's guarantee
The face of silence
'Union-bashing' prime minister wants to curb labor; Power of unions tested in nation where most workers are unionized
New Zealanders play cuckoo to the last ten black robins on earth
Realigning the nonaligned
S. African local election will test plan to share power with Coloreds, Indians
US-Egyptian trade alarms Europe
French government asks: 'Pourquoi English'?
Old-fashioned potato breads made the easy way
Getting to know our heavenly Father

Texas conservatives lose grip on school text selection
Sound advice on managing money; The Only Money Book for the Middle Class, by Don German and Joan German. New York: William Morrow & Co. 335 pp. $13....
US Savings Bonds are no longer a laughingstock
How Sudan foiled coup attempt
French pumpkin soups have sweet flavor, smooth texture
Australian election: rough-and-tumble leaders battle over jobs, union power