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Monitor Archive for February 22, 1983

Mutual funds regaining zip as stocks rise
Army wives: finally an appreciated sector of military life
Sudan: Libyan coup plot . . . or tempest in a teacup?
High-tech exports: East-bloc ingenuity travels to West
Eccentricity and artistry can go together
Clouds in a winter sky
Will Europe's Spacelab be an orbiting 'white elephant'?
India continues Assam election despite massacre
Gotta have arts
Kenneth Adelman: the fifth man out
Balance needed in taking and interpreting SATs
The Beauty of Space
The prayer of love
Mutual fund industry plans to blow its horn more loudly
Grocery store
A letter home
Whither American policy on Vietnam and Kampuchea? Ex-envoys note isolation of Indochina, doubt human rights report on Vietnam
At forty below, Siberian 'heat wave' frosts eyebrows
Key EPA memo erased, former official admits
Martin Van who?

Smoke of battle at EPA hides lapsing environmental laws
OAU settles on summit location
Washington's quiet military buildup in Central America
Caring for the homeless: action across US
Money funds take losses to the banks in stride
Economic troubles may slow Soviet defense spending
Mondale's recipe for '84: a blend of liberal, conservative themes
Where firefighting and wood chopping mean a better life for some youngsters

To what purpose?

Foreign stocks attract larger share of US pension funds

SEC seeks closer scrutiny of mutual fund industry
Toyota and GM's workers
Deng opponent to resign from Chinese congress
Voices of history
Can John Robinson rebuild football's turbulent Rams?
US-Italy give up rescue effort in Lebanon blizzard
Oil prices tumble after Britain opens 'trapdoor'

Philippine's Marcos names likely successor
Manpower shortage hurts Poland, officials say

Israel: obeying orders is no excuse
Wishes Galore

Return of old Democratic wisdom - in modified form. New agenda: create jobs, control benefits spending, spur investment

A day in the life of a homeless man
High-scoring student's ideas on SAT success
Detroit's Iacocca tells Washington how to lick adversity
Put a soybean in your tank
Children express their concern over the arms race
News from NEA, ED Dept.; other issues
Green animals around the moon
Economic newsletters turn upbeat but keep an eye on Washington
A Place
Aid flows to ravaged Australia
PLO to call Reagan peace plan 'unsatisfactory'