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Monitor Archive for February 17, 1983

Japan, land of rising golfers; football's free agents; NBA strategy
Corporeal mime performance (for Tom)
Whistle-blower accuses EPA of 'sweetheart deals'
A way to talk a computer into running a program

Compact housing: better living in smaller spaces
In Naples, citizens and merchants fight organized crime by first conquering the fear of speaking out
Making deserts bloom -- using Japanese rice husks
Colorful sunsets and rich scientific harvest; El Chichon: eruption of the century
Adelman nomination runs into trouble in Senate
Soviets man SA-5 missiles sent to Syria, Shultz says
Canada finds few buyers for its gas
When to stop in El Salvador
Congress renews push to toughen gun-control laws
Aided by 200-mile ban on foreign boats, US fishing revives
Independent animators: 'Don't blink or you'll miss it'
Isla Vista: many tongues foster learning, not confusion
South Africa's Botha gaining ground in modern-day 'Boer' war
NPR brings the wrath -- and grandeur -- of 'Empire' to radio
An Indian view of Indian needs
Inherit the night
Strauss advice to Reagan: don't let Begin anger you
Mr. Sharon steps down, but. . . .
Coping with pride of success
Asia: economic, political bright spot for West
Alternative high school hopes to rebound

''Not made in Hollywood''
Monthly Movie Guide
Microcomputer sales likely to skyrocket
Minimum-wage law adds up to not as many youth jobs

US Army undergoes big changes, from tanks to tactics
Italy's war with the 'new' Mafia: tough laws fail to quell violence
Though charming and dazzling, show packs a ponderous plot; Mixing music, magic, and 'Merlin' for a Doug Henning spectacular; Merlin Musical comedy s...
Israel violates Lebanese line
Hard-liners may force firmer stance by Arafat
Hondas with 'made in USA' tag are trickling out of Ohio plant
Gemayel faces massive Lebanon Catch-22
Why California's golden image so quickly lost its gleam
A new missile for a new strategy?
Reagan resurrects the Caribbean initiative, but how fervently?
Fed to slowly pinch money growth as inflation hedge
Mahre tops standings as World Cup's European phase ends
Teen-agers reject smoking image
Secrets -- telling nothing, and telling all
W. German court decides March 6 election is legal

US factory output jumps 0.9 percent
Wonder watching
Food industry warms slowly to new spoilage monitor
The 'big bang' theory of '84 presidential politics
Getting computers to think: simulating a Chinese chef, Cyrus Vance
UN chief takes big two to task for arms buildup

The many masks of modern art
Diesel engine skids from favor with new-car buyers
Italy's rebellion against the 'new' Mafia
Rich, insightful film about peasant life in Italy during World War II
Evergreen: Can a college of the '60s survive '80s?