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Monitor Archive for February 14, 1983

A slow delivery on promise to trim Pentagon waste

Sharon proves unsinkable . . . with wide repercussions
Harlem dance troupe mixes spice, fascination
When a budding author interviews a mature writer in his 'wordshop'
Oil markets play a price drum roll
West German campaigners paint the missile issue in black and white
Rising stock market may mean unexpected help on the deficit
On a recovery and its pitfalls
Debts, loans, and managing money
NFL coaching shuffle; rookie Cummings shines; baseball bits
Jobs-relief bill set to be enacted
Recapturing a season's youthful independence; What I Did Last Summer Comedy by A. R. Gurney Jr. Production supervised by B. Rodney Marriott.
Reagan cutbacks and elderly: local officials see problems
Japan appears to avoid major trade war with West
The sad flower
NATO head: missiles can be cut
Portuguese worried by US pressure for bases
Also of note in Moscow . . .
US eyes Iran-Iraq clash for threat to Saudi Arabia
PBS's insightful, but flawed, drama on race relations
Love revisited
Making black history part of the historical mainstream?

OMB's new lobbying rules draw fire from all directions
Should children be fingerprinted? Many communities answer yes
Cape Verdeans build a new life on New England's shore
Getting together on jobs
The poetry of 'You and I'
The kitty on the chair
Fresh breezes sweep China's new year festivities
Valentine's Day; Making marriage work; A seaworthy romance
IMF plans nearly 50-percent boost in resources; First step in keeping world afloat
Nigeria exodus: aid alleviates suffering, but instability ahead

Soviet 'young socialists' on trial for doubting Kremlin's socialist credentials

Valentine's Day; Making marriage work; A marriage that blesses others
Soviets reaffirm neutrality in Iran-Iraq conflict

Soviets to allow some A-power plant inspection
Valentine's Day; Making marriage work; Love, trust are keys to success
Start your own black history studies
The healing action of prayer
Mr. Reagan's cheerfulness
Mr. Begin's opportunity
Why Canada oil bonanza lies untapped
Also of note in Moscow . . .
Orange County, like US, faces a new era
Palestine puzzle: Can Hussein and PLO live together?
Should the British and French missiles be Europe's, too?
Will the real Samoa stand up?

Latest weekly money data
Nationwide phone setup peddles hearts and FLOWERS

Northeast digs out of winter's worst snowstorm
Poor farmers: the key to growth in the third world