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Monitor Archive for February 10, 1983

Oregon and Portland spread business-welcome mats
Prefab reefs to attract fish could mean better commercial catches
Giant squid: steeped in myth -- tasting of brine
US, Norway engage in verbal duel over missiles
America in the midst of biggest Education Revival since Sputnik
Postal auctions becoming big business in US cities
WNYC's bold mission of opening radio, and listeners, to new music
Deficit politics
The Beanpot -- a unique hockey event and a Boston ritual

The fall of the PLO's 'state within state' in Lebanon
China lays down the law as legal system modernized
A high-tech pair is out to market classic Indian prints
Decades and decay
A chat with veteran rockers about their film; Routine concert movie -- on the very nonroutine Stones
Mansfield: crucial year in US-Japan ties
Pressure for resignation of Israeli minister builds
Striking truckers take road to Capitol Hill
Udall says he won't seek presidential nomination
Reagan may say by June whether he will run again
Security Council to review Israel's West Bank policy
Art doesn't grow just in Manhattan -- take Boston for instance . . .
Khomeini's Islamic fundamentalism unites Iraq
Conceptualizing our perceptions, and other odd jobs
America in the midst of biggest education revival since Sputnik
High-Fashion thievery
Worldwide trade and protection of jobs
A basic rethinking of strategy seen in MX commission's hard look at smaller missile
High-tech 'textbooks' for children
Standards of living
Australian banks win deregulation -- but get foreign competition, too
Egypt offering investment carrot to cut its trade deficit
Skating's Sumners/E.Z. rivalry; pro basketball opposites; playoff golfer
Hitachi says IBM issue may be met out of court

The case of Captain Johnson
Finding new uses for old products turns 'trash' into resources, saving cash and raw materials
Salt Inc.: chroniclers, students of Maine culture
The winds of peace

Durer's geometrical mystery finally uncovered
Calls for tax reform ring in Washington

Reagan 200 miles at sea
Satellite SOS system may speed sea rescues

Travel writers who tuck you into the world's comfy corners
More US help for overseas loans: a drain or a gain for US economy?
A sided calm
Begin's dilemma on defense minister

British Labour chief offers to quit if party would gain
Warnke weighs impact of US nuclear-freeze movement

The many masks of modern art
Iraq seeks allies in war with Iran
Gripping revival of Miller's 'View From the Bridge'; A View From the Bridge. Play by Arthur Miller. Starring Tony Lo Bianco. Directed by Arvin Brown.
A. Lincoln