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Monitor Archive for December 9, 1983

Computer, other problems delay Columbia landing
A dream come true - exploring Australia's Great Barrier Reef
News In Brief
Nobel economist Debreu thinks in decades, not years
A look at educators who care - what makes them tick?
Take a peek behind the wizardry of moviemaking
US foreign policy need: 'binocular vision'
Choosing the right gear for a trek: your first important decision
Washing ceilings, walls, and woodwork
New federal study challenges lie detector as sleuth for the facts
Lord Carrington to become NATO chief
Nobel prize brings little peace for Walesa
Doing away with the grate can increase the efficiency of a fireplace
Ads linking coffee with achievement called 'misleading'
News In Brief
Reagan education forum toes a political line
News In Brief
News In Brief
How 'user-friendly' should we allow a machine to get?
Worth noting on TV
Here's where to find Poulenc's 'Dialogues' and Verdi's 'Ernani' on disc
News In Brief
The woman who didn't blink in Solidarity's limelight
Riding the rails of the Orient - at the height of luxury
Going private to fix roads and bridges
Beyond Machu Picchu
Hoyt, Kittle, La Russa lead White Sox to lion's share of awards
Send Bush to Syria
A New Beginning
To get troops home for election, Reagan must act warily in Mideast
A tribute to Georgia folk pottery; Brothers in Clay: The Story of Georgia Folk Pottery, by John A. Burrison. Athens , Ga.: University of Georgia Pre...
'Vietnam' series: filled with sadness and with lessons
For sale: half-finished nuclear plants; 102 scrapped in 10 years
New backing rallies those fighting the war on superdeficits
Common front for Common Market
News In Brief
News In Brief
Reviving the ancient craft of earth-building
Places to view matchless Inca artistry
News In Brief
US sends envoys to Central America
Europe's publishing pranksters have a laugh on the Soviets
The press, Ike, and JFK
Rebels pull strings of US aid program in ElSalvador province
Surprise West Bank statement may foreshadow Mideast initiative
NATO waits for Soviets
Shaw's dark comedy 'Heartbreak House' gets a magical revival
Decorative mantels capture the spirit of the holidays
Best heaters in this house? Those south-facing, double-glazed windows
New Zealand abuzz over oil rush
News In Brief
South Korean movement keeps young Ho down on the farm
Alone at Christmas?
Aiding IDA
Expressing a 27-pound holiday wish
As election nears, even some Republicans want defense cuts
China's ancient clay army, unearthed after 22 centuries