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Monitor Archive for December 8, 1983

Campaign '84: bipartisan pact on arms
Indiana U. hopes to become a model for how to teach teachers
Teachers unions need more than a bit part in America's education drama
Quotas & pluralism
Study shows more women are heads of households
News In Brief
Don't fence them in!
A love letter to Paris - from a man who first visited 50 years ago; Paris, by John Russell. New York: Harry N. Abrams Inc. 350 pp. $45.
Old-fashioned speeches marks campaign of Japan's top Socialist
News In Brief
Homey comedy about WWII experiences of an English family; And a Nightingale Sang . . .Comedy by C. P. Taylor. Directed by Terry Kinney.
Rhode Island's ambitious 'greenhouse' plan cultivates a hotbed of controversy
Democrats: in search of an agenda
Caribbean island debates how to lure investors who will build up, not drain, the local economy
The illusion of high style
Looking for a way out of your dead-end job? Try revitalizing it
St. Louis mayor assesses city-business team effort to spur growth
A farmer proves that men can quilt just as well as their wives in new children's book; Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt, by Lisa Campbell Ernst...
US military tactics in Lebanon questioned
One family's struggle to get off the welfare rolls
News In Brief
News In Brief
The winners: from Solidarity to supernovas
US-Israeli cooperation plan draws the wrath of Saudi Arabia
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Congress wary of US in Mideast - but not enough to reconvene
Nobel's legacy
NATO looks toward an era of high-tech conventional weapons
Rozier's Heisman was foregone conclusion
From Boston Arts contributors
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Chicago Lyric Opera's two Ponelle stagings - not the usual fare
News In Brief
US chemical industry decides to clean up its deteriorating image
News In Brief
Syria is not Grenada
Canadian banks reach for a larger chunk of US financial market
Shoplifting ought to be a matter of conscience, not consequence
When is the budget deficit like the weather? When it's forecast
Many US corporations ignoring the potential in their real estate
Tinsel pictures: a forgotten folk art shimmers anew
Pollution knows no borders - and that creates problems for the US and Mexico
The quest for 'Fame': young auditioners vie for the TV limelight
More shuttle shots mean more shuttle spares needed now
Ivory Coast leader: one of Africa's few leaders securely in power
A talky 'Dresser' struggles too hard to be 'theatah'
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Soviet: end of nuclear consensus
Do you paint?
Free from addiction
From Boston Arts contributors
News In Brief
Make a fashionable wreath from backyard trimmings
State transportation building may be the right structure in wrong place
It's the unfinished agenda that beckons the President toward second-term run
Greek women find a champion in Mrs. Papandreou
South Africa's feisty white advocate for human rights
News In Brief
Doubts cast on British security policy in N. Ireland after killing of Unionist
Huntington's common 'Uncommon Women'; 'Tomfoolery'; recitals
Job training for welfare mothers
Polish government braces for winter of discontent from its hard-hit people