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Monitor Archive for December 29, 1983

A no-win plight in Beirut
Yves Saint Laurent: prophetic designer
Kohl plays off French fears of West Germany
ART's 'Moon' shines; Pops pop; the Christmas Revels revel
Portrait by Melody, age three
News In Brief
1984 political year takes shape
High-tech training gives 'temps' new professional status
Fewer steelworkers hear back-to-work call as mills consolidate
News In Brief
Dissatisfied with UNESCO, US gives notice of withdrawal
News In Brief
For Muscovites, jostlings in the Kremlin are as impenetrable as the snow
Political bias unlikely to affect Fed's election-year policies
San Francisco Ballet, Cinderella of dance, sheds rags for riches
On a mountain climb in Nepal, a heroine searches for - herself; Beyond the Mountain, by Elizabeth Arthur. New York: Harper & Row Publishers. 211 pp....
A man who relived history to write about it
Israel's former top soldier sets his sights on West Bank control
And furthermore . . .
Soviets' dismal four years in Afghanistan
The one that worked
Iran: soap is scarce, traffic is back
Nakasone faces tough decisions on trade as US election year opens
Statistics on home sales
Holiday season's crop of comedies is a mixed bag
Outsiders invest in Japan
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Reagan reading list: 'Coolidge' to 'Hondo'
The light-weight CRX: another coup for Honda
Drunk driving: what's needed is a basic change in attitude
In competition with nature
New York's Urban Rangers: ambassadors in the city's parks
World tourism shifts
Florida growers add up freeze damage to fruits, vegetables
News In Brief
News In Brief
Reorganization plan brings order in the courts of Massachusetts
News In Brief
A dance
Accepting blame
NBA races take shape: Sixers roll; Blazers hound Lakers
Change and American steel
When academics play second string to sports, student athletes are the losers
News In Brief
Siting high-tech plants
Building a permanent presence in orbit -- a laboratory/service station/factory
News In Brief
Ties in Polish community - loosely knit, but unbreakable
Correction on Inter-American Foundation story
'Cats' - a nonstop whirl of fantasy - opens national tour
God's riches
Alfonsin's start