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Monitor Archive for December 28, 1983

Beirut, once Paris of Mideast, loses heart
The author speaks
The Old West is deglamorized in a stark, convincing new novel; The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, by Ron Hansen. New York:...
Yogurt - fast becoming a staple in many American kitchens
News In Brief
For the Newmarks, loving New York started long time ago
The common thread in maneuverings of Soviet hierarchy
On Reagan, war, and peace
Playoff turnovers loom large; Gregg takes reins in Green Bay
How to be a Creole cook in two-and-a-half hours
Sunny jams and jellies to make on dark winter days
News In Brief
News In Brief
Spying in America: 'double agents' seek to outwit East-bloc high-tech espionage
Lord Snow, a friend
News In Brief
One-party Jamaica?
News In Brief
News In Brief
Freezing by degrees
Don't save me from the left or right
Raisin-studded fritters: a scrumptious salute to the new year
News In Brief
Cold snap and farm support freeze
Hold on to your angel
States knocking at taxpayers' doors
A chastened Nakasone renews his vows
On the average
New York's concert season at midpoint: some highlights recalled
Books for birders who go afield, to sea, or even stay at home;
One-half of 1 percent
Here's how Jan. 1 breakup of AT&T will affect telephone bills and service
Face to face
Laos and US cooperate in search for MIAs
'Precious Legacy' - treasures from an embattled culture
It takes a carefully planned network of traps to catch a spy
News In Brief
News In Brief
From an expert: lessons on baking the ultimate chocolate cake
How will our pop heroes sound 100 years from today?
Books for birders who go afield, to sea, or even stay at home;
Kissinger panel's $1 billion solution
News In Brief
A new agenda for NASA - beyond the pioneering stage
For a complete workout, think cross-country
Coming up - a high court ruling on interest-free college loans