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Monitor Archive for December 21, 1983

Build a show-stopper for dessert
Prepare to meet thy tax accountant with your records in order
PLO's choice: gun or olive branch
Congressional concern rises over E. Timor
A riveting new way to tell Carmen's tale
Youth in stride
Christian-Muslim unity amid church's debris
Antinuclear protesters debate the limits of nonviolent 'resistance'
Cousin Armadillo
Human rights - checking the view from the UN window
IRA: a history of militance
Christmas in the barn
News In Brief
Tax reform and deficits
Seahawks in playoff debut; Packers fire Starr; dilemma for Sims
Congressional concern rises over E. Timor
News In Brief
News In Brief
Hunting down the drug smugglers
London bombing reverberates across Britain
News In Brief
News In Brief
Drugs and the nature of man
Nakasone walks a tightrope in keeping his job
Elegant chocolate-cream Yule log warms holiday tables in France
Marketplace revolt: employers beware
News In Brief
Despite recession, there are few humbugs in Cincinnati
They bake what they like at this modest bakery by the sea
A centuries-old cookie gets better with age
Medieval tales effectively retold; Medieval Legends, adapted and edited by Philip S. Jennings. New York: St. Martin's Press. 191 pp. $16.95.
News In Brief
News In Brief
The telephone - an increasingly popular marketing tool
Turkey tries to streamline government and invigorate economy
Are pleas bargains?
One good dog is worth hundreds of drug agents
News In Brief
Marines may be the wrong force for Beirut
More than 'Messiah'
News In Brief
Staying warm on those cold slopes
The 'new' Sicilian Mafia fights to keep drug trade
Gift books with medieval charm display outstanding craftsmanship; Medieval Fables, compiled by Marie de France, translated by Jeanette Beer, illustr...
Thoreau's turtledove and mine
You may yet hear this voice from '68 in 1984 election
Brooklyn Academy brings its strengths to the innovative 'New Wave' series
News In Brief
But what a tree!