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Monitor Archive for December 15, 1983

Poland's dissidents are caught in middle of sanctions issue
High-tech trailblazing
Argentina's Alfonsin: off to a fast start
How can we stop victimizing the victim?
Football playoff: a back-burner issue experiences a warming trend
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Slide in home-computer prices is expected to stall next year
California high-tech firm takes first step to solve labor dispute
More than one way to finance an education
Reagan sees progress against drugs
UMW tries to regain its former muscle
'Real Thing' not real; 'Measure' too light; 'Bishop' won't fly; 'Messiah'
Australia tries to plug leaks to Soviets
News In Brief
US-Israeli accord: a debate
US-Israeli accord: a debate
'Family' of candlesticks more dynamic than a pair
News In Brief
Another look at a 'new sensibility'
The good and not-so-good of New York City Opera's season
News In Brief

Chicago indictments cap 3-year corruption probe in Cook County courts
'To Be' remake recalls the brilliance of the original
News In Brief
State legislators never cross finish line in marathon lawmaking session
Rumors fly, personnel shift as White House moves toward reelection status
'84 economy: good for US, overseas - and Reagan's prospects
An elder statesman's view of US-Soviet ties
Arms talks: triple jeopardy
TV instruction on taxation
News In Brief
Long shot for gunboat diplomacy?
Despite his 'mistakes,' Mao makes a comeback in China's media
Northeast lags behind in finding site for low-level nuclear waste
Japanese designer creates sartorial stampede
A school where Appalachian values meet big-city mores
Black Sash's white women build bridge over apartheid wall
Drug dealers' illicit schemes aim at big profits
Facts and hunger
Healing the doldrums at work
Nakasone plans to put Confucius, Buddha back in Japan schools
The river in winter
News In Brief
Skis for two
Getting back into the work force - without going back to school
Dubious tests
'Real Thing' not real; 'Measure' too light; 'Bishop' won't fly; 'Messiah'
News In Brief
'Back to nature' movement nothing new - dates back to 1880; Back to the Land: The Pastoral Impulse in England, from 1880 to 1914, by Jan Marsh. New...
'Real Thing' not real; 'Measure' too light; 'Bishop' won't fly; 'Messiah'
Profiles of the major illicit drugs
News In Brief
Wanted: Leaders to marshal forces for new push on the job-training front
'Real Thing' not real; 'Measure' too light; 'Bishop' won't fly; 'Messiah'
News In Brief
Waking up to the dramatic rise in drug use
France puts a saintly nix on Christmas discounts for unimpressed shoppers