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Monitor Archive for December 14, 1983

'Sturdy is the only way to build'
La Noche Buena: Spanish traditions persist in New Mexico
The High Museum; Atlanta
Colorful eggplant in an unusual salad
The Baby Boom generation matures
News In Brief
In Poland, you can never find a pig when you want one, except on the black market
'Fresh as possible cooked as simply as possible'
News In Brief
Faced with disturbing data, Boston moves to calm fear, stop violence in schools
Opera and musical theater VIPs butt heads over the dramatic arts
When decoration meets construction
Limited nuclear war would have profound effects, experts say
Handsome cards turn handsome profit for UNICEF relief work
Cable boom may be turning to bust in some West European countries
Tide of minority voters runs against GOP
Gulf states rethink role of US in Mideast
Ending stalemate
US fascination with all things Japanese
Syria and Mr. Reagan
The cockfight is to the Balinese what baseball is to Americans;
News In Brief
A musical tale of three babies - or rather, their future parents; Baby. Musical comedy by Sybille Pearson (book), David Shire (music), and Richard M...
Sampling of sources of recorded books
News In Brief
Getting British women into the House
US military long on weapons, short on logistics
Enthusiasm for math, science may bring Hispanics into high-tech
Ski vacations that tread lightly on the family budget
News In Brief
Boost for 21
News In Brief
If you want to specialize in chocolate
Toronto playgoing: no big hoopla, just good theater
Thoughts while working
Holiday books on cooking - a varied selection
Salad whodunit
Work of irony both deplores Vietnam and lauds the military; Gardens of Stone, by Nicholas Profitt. New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers. 373 pp. $14....
The search for cultivated truffle could put some pigs out of work
News In Brief
Nakasone campaign tests Japan's readiness for the 21st century
Some tips on saving taxes, like sending a number to your bank
Trudeau takes his world peace quest to the White House
Bombs in Kuwait
Report says attitudes, not laws, are key to curbing drunk driving
Raclette, a favorite Swiss campfire dinner, comes indoors
Pilot arts-aid project aims to remake Boston into a gleaming cultural capital
Can we really trust God?
Economists hoist red flags as US deficit projections rise
News In Brief
Call it 'info-tainment' or 'docu-schlock,' this is popular TV
US reviews sanctions on Poland after Lech Walesa's call for aid
Elway sheds rookie image; Steeler provides home; 49er in a rush
Of ways of weaving
Waiting very patiently for the Age of the Square Tomato
Rare look at some small-time Bombay entertainers
News In Brief
News In Brief
Looking ahead in Central America
Books on cassette tape: aloud and alive
News In Brief
News In Brief