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Monitor Archive for November 7, 1983

America's orchestras: crescendo of costs, decrescendo of funds
Highway safety groups sue US agency over 55 m.p.h. speed limit
A significant tree
Hats off to birth of Corporations in Support of Public Television
News In Brief
Take me out to the 'besuboru' game: a view from the stands
Syria gains new power in Mideast as its noose tightens on Arafat
The Caribbean: a flash point in heated US-Soviet relations
Profile of an antinuclear protest
Malamud's tales of Jewish brotherhood speak awkwardly, yet stunningly, to all; The Stories of Bernard Malamud, by Bernard Malamud. New York: Farrar,...
News In Brief
Modern-day Medici: the growing world of corporate art sponsors
Reagan absence in Jakarta sends another signal to Southeast Asia
Mickey Rooney as 'Bill': stunning sequel to earlier Emmy-winning drama
Mexico tries to tackle nutrition problem
Picking up extra funds during school vacation
US ethics in perspective
Will the real Democrat stand up
Cuba's welcome is wearing thin in several regions
Argentina's Alfonsin wants to tackle debt, but he's not sure how
Corporate flight brings new arts demand to newer communities
Autumn's witness
Hispanics and blacks try again to heal rifts, forge voting bloc
Corporate US to Reagan's PBS plea: 'Sorry'
News In Brief
AT&T's long-distance telephone access charge is facing a close call in Congress
Report on college sports calls for fine tuning, not major overhaul
Training volunteer teachers in the lore of marine life
Near-term outlook for stocks appears shaky to market analysts
Economy is going Reagan's way for '84
Despite noise over trade, Congress unlikely to enact tough curbs
Kasparov shines in a blitz tournament
How this century's artists have opened our eyes
Hollywood's rhinestone astronauts - the wrong stuff for today
Computer can jumble TV signal
Corporate arts giving: up during the '70s and still holding its own
How corporate largesse has helped resident, professional theatre
Congress moves toward establishing diplomatic ties with Vatican
Does the househusband really exist outside the movie theater?
The genius of J. Alden Weir on View at the Met
Despite 'beautification' effort, billboards abound
News In Brief
Help for Lebanon
Piggy bank vs. new toys: teaching children to manage money
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Some ways to help children care about the needs of others
Dallas finds its $2.6 billion Arts District is good for business
Placido Domingo's bid for the Pavarotti kind of superstardom
The little-used but quickly growing source of funds - matching grants
Mideast accord emerging?
Hello, Ford Foundation? Ludwig van . . .
Public and private colleges vie for students and funding
Who pays for PBS?: Mobil VP says it shouldn't be Uncle Sam
News In Brief
Capitalism with a heart: the Freddie Laker of France stirs up shopping tradition
'Parallel with nature'
South Africa: a change, but not necessarily for the better
Why it's a good idea to underwrite PBS - the companies' view
Needlepoint designs from rug patterns; Needlepoint Designs from Oriental Rugs, by Grethe Sorensen. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, $12.95 paper.
As Grenada quiets down, more questions surface for the US
News In Brief
Israel - and perhaps US - make moves to respond to bombings
Talented Celtics look improved but still face specter of Philadelphia
In Western Europe, government picks up more of the arts tab
Why not a woman?
Car quotas: four years is enough
News In Brief