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Monitor Archive for November 28, 1983

Cutting through the myths of progress to measure the real thing
Keeping in touch with siblings after lives move apart
British strike tests Thatcher's union laws
A new breed of local protection officer: a policeman/firefighter
Writers talk about what influences their work; In Praise of What Persists, edited by Stephen Berg. New York: Harper & Row. 289 pp. $14.95.
Do we treat our ex-presidents too well? Congress considers cuts
US dismisses Syrian claims of turning back US planes
Japan's larger role
Shamir: West Bank won't figure in Washington talks
Ma Bell and her brood greeted by a year-end upturn in stocks
Lessons from a Minnesota concert. Copland's piece worked, his student's didn't - and Perahia saved the day
Israeli-Arab prisoner swap boosts a besieged Arafat
Jamaica's prime minister announces early elections
A white South African joins the 'black struggle' - and pays the price
India's film dandies delight the masses and relieve hard lives
Explosion at Long Island fireworks plant kills two
Thousands in Manila call for Marcos resignation
US steps up effort to stop Salvador's death squads
Newspaper battle in Manila: opposition press vs. 'loyal' dailies
West Germans see merit in Romanian arms proposals
US-Soviet arms race is more accurately a technology battle
Let's use more federal funds in the '84 elections
Pacific islands prepare to go it alone
As profit venture, bed-and-breakfast is a bit sleepy
Sandinista 'concessions' meet with a cool reception
US looks for more than gestures from Nicaragua
Urban man: a mirror image
Sand truck defense
A look at how Hungarian underdog reached world semifinals
Turkey steps decisively toward civilian leadership
Moncrief's skills, consistency, lift him above more publicized guards
Italy responds to Soviets as missile parts arrive
Judges assemble from across US to discuss the rights of crime victims
An airborne eye on the cosmos
What's behind the angry antinuclear demonstrations in Europe
Einstein's theory still beats the competition, new space data show
Houses (for Frank Lloyd Wright)
Top Argentine general on trial for debacle of Falklands war
Soviet policy bears a military stamp
Heat-sensing satellite's major mission ends
Antileftist feeling is rising in Caribbean
Japan draws lessons from Hu
Commonwealth heads cite concern for small nations
British police search for gold thieves in record heist
'A painting is a poem without words'
Economy is singing its recovery tune - with some strange variations
Playing it safe: guidelines for selecting children's toys
Chinese daily fails to echo leader's threat to '84 trips
Saudi Arabia: new Middle East mediator
The new heart
Swedish-American plane plans a spring landing in US market
Ability to learn can hinge on what children think of themselves
Arms and aid
An artist who can make the commonplace provocative
Western and Eastern refugees help each other adjust to US
Town turns to geothermal power
Cutting back on flow of water in the home