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Monitor Archive for November 23, 1983

Rethinking Europe: who toes the Soviet line in East bloc?
Coalition asks FTC to prohibit liquor ads aimed at young people
The Woodstock nation gathers for its latest reunion
Weinberger: US blames Syria for attack on marines
News In Brief
Britain's Ulster strategy hangs in the balance
News In Brief
Soviet 'refuseniks': treated as common criminals
Mixed feelings in South Korea
Poland melds party and military to brace against possible unrest
Sour cream gives a Russian flavor to ordinary mushrooms
River-running in Borneo: not for the faint of heart
China inspects Japan's success
Cornball comedy, irreverant musical, and a diva on the ropes
Thanks, sharing, reverence for Earth's resources: a 300-year Plainfolk tradition
Giving thanks then and now
Sandinistas co-opt unions, companies
Dickerson cream of rookie crop; Kubiak a surprise Bronco star
News In Brief
Helmut Schmidt, upbeat on arms talks, plays down 'danger of war'
News In Brief
Thanksgiving and healing
News In Brief
This old-fashioned cider mill has nothing plastic about it
High court to review case that affects church-related colleges
That moment in 1938
Women down on the farm are coming up in agriculture industry
Ike: a balanced view of the general; Eisenhower, by Stephen E. Ambrose. New York: Simon & Schuster. 367 pp. $22.95.
Europe plans to trim costs of space labs
Christmas shopping by mail: it's easy, if . . .
Calling the shots for the PLO: Soviet and Syrian influence
'Look out how you use proud words'
News In Brief
Thanksgiving dinner - as the Pilgrims might have prepared it
News In Brief
Shamir visit spotlights US Mideast policy tangles
In a time of tension, Polish composer Penderecki celebrates hope
News In Brief
Cornball comedy, irreverant musical, and a diva on the ropes
'Under Fire': provocative look at what happens when a journalist loses neutrality
Commuter lines give small airports new lift under deregulation
Ten years of volunteering for US military service
Jobs after recovery
News In Brief
National Football League standings
Consider the animals!
News In Brief
News In Brief
Students talk about the moral issues facing them on campus
News In Brief
Equal-opportunity agency plans seminars to explain labor laws to small firms