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Monitor Archive for November 22, 1983

Preparing the garden bed for spring; marigolds as houseplants
I write all the time
Ever so slowly, Detroit coaxes suburbanites back in town
Peter Maxwell Davies's opera, 'Lighthouse,' beams in US debut
Citizens, scientists, US officials respond to 'The Day After'
Seeds: catalyzing churches to halt hunger
News In Brief
Yuletide season in a little yellow schoolhouse
When a child becomes an emblem
The Mondale-Glenn scuffle
James Farmer, the once and future Freedom Rider
Commonwealth torn by Grenada, bound by love of Queen
News In Brief
The Bible: a strength to families
Turks confident about new Cypriot nation
The US may be backing in to more taxes on consumption
Shahinaz Palace: where the scent of the Orient is a high art
News In Brief
News In Brief
Winter hog-wash
Auto theft is still 'big business,' despite efforts to catch offenders. Recovery rates for stolen vehicles have declined; cars often are stripped of...
Democratic dilemma: the uninformed American public; The American Style of Foreign Policy: Cultural Politics and Foreign Affairs, by Robert Dallek. N...
The Grenadian precedent
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West Germans debate their role in NATO
People and peace
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Experts see oil price dropping again. Production stays high, consumption low; large drop could hurt banks
Mail-order Christmas trees? They still have that fresh aroma
Limited private management boosts output in China's coal mines
'The loose-leaf library'
Paying taxes in Quebec is apt to mean landing in the financial penalty box
French have second thoughts about the wisdom of their air strike in Lebanon
Police raid on Pizza Hut reminds Argentines of old strong-arm tactics
Paraguay's strong man pushed his country into 20th century
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Congress in '84: independent course
How archaeologists are using today's tools to unearth the past
Harriet Beecher Stowe on freedom
US plans to 'invade' Salvador, key rebel says
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Detroit parents and schools say 'enough' to teen-age violence
Behind Greyhound's get-tough stance
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Panel recommends changes in how US doles out foreign aid
Peter Maxwell Davies's opera, 'Lighthouse,' beams in US debut
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Audi reaches for a fresh image with its snappy 4000-S Quattro
Army-Navy spectacle goes 'on tour' to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena
New Zealand's native people; Maoris try to capitalize on tribal tradition
Leadership battle heats up in test of United Steel Workers unity
Yugoslavia: cool caves, cable cars, and castles on cliffs. A car is a good way to see rain-splashed sights
Are 'bobbies' as friendly, honest as Londoners thought? Police chief launches program to correct abuses listed in new report
A call for thoughtful regulation of the genetic-engineering industry
Travel notes
News In Brief
News In Brief