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Monitor Archive for November 17, 1983

Moving earth in the name of art
Town vs. slope in Vermont: trade-offs in the ski industry
Experimental theater meets fiscal reality at the Guthrie
News In Brief
The ripening of Soviet policy: straight party line adopts nuances
Auto racing - a blend of speed, noise, thrills, and big money
South African poet-in-exile keeps up barrage against apartheid
News In Brief
South Africa's 'reformist' minister resigns
Israel's strike against terrorists: a signal for Washington, too?
The 9 to 5 Bill of Rights
The oil crisis 10 years later: effect in US is no longer harsh
Flynn opens new mayoralty era in Boston
News In Brief
East bloc reacts to its 'new wave' teens - but tone varies
Angolans wait ... and wait for Marxist leaders to revive economy
Color analysts share their tips for helping men dress well
News In Brief
One economist's look at US deficit and how it can be brought under control
From Boston Arts contributors
What US needs in Lebanon: military might, political flexibility
Tuition wisdom
House ERA defeat gives Democrats ammunition for '84
Tax opportunity
A new entry in the narrowest house contest
Do fair-housing laws violate owner privacy? Boston reconsiders
News In Brief
Press disputes justification of Grenada invasion
Arafat's loss of last stronghold is more political than military
News In Brief
News In Brief
In Portland, Ore., advertisers create a museum as a tribute to their trade
Bridges: works of steely art that span the centuries; The Tower and the Bridge, by David P. Billington. New York: Basic Books. 306 pp.
Leibovitz's photos reveal humor and beauty; Photographs, by Annie Leibovitz. New York: Pantheon/Rolling Stone Press. (Pages unnumbered.) $35.
News In Brief
Fairchild courts the 'civilized man': calling all clotheshounds
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Big-time losses
Boston and Miami
Bay State GOP devises new plan to restore two-party lawmaking
Disney's Arctic tale 'Never Cry Wolf' is trapped on the ice
Component TV: quality's higher, but so is price
And everywhere that Reagan went, the press was sure to go . . .
News In Brief
Some makers of wood stoves seek alternatives to asbestos gaskets
UN resigned to Turkish-Cypriot move
Upholding human rights should be above partisan politics
Cranston runs hard for Democratic nod
British Columbia unions bow to Bennett's austerity program
News In Brief
Enterprising Chinese peasants edge toward $5,000-a-year incomes
Drunk driving and bankruptcy
Not ungrateful
News In Brief
Soviet officials interviewed
Earl Warren's stamp lingers on a more conservative court
News In Brief
Wanted: one buyers' strike

Another Japanese import success: jazz pianist Makoto Ozone
Raising the profile - and the pay - of women office workers
Fewer jobs at City Hall - one way Flynn can begin to arrest the deficit
Freedom from the 'common cold'
Sarah Caldwell's moral imperative; country pickers and chamber music