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Monitor Archive for November 1, 1983

One job is not enough
My mother's unexpected companion
News In Brief
Virginia Woolf would've loved NYU's 'Freshwater'
What Jackson candidacy means in the race for the presidency
John Milton on censorship
Estimating budgets for fine-tuning

Judith Guest: author of 'Ordinary People' is no ordinary person
Solar-energy advocates try to muster support in Congress for energy tax credit increase
Latin America's quiet support for US intervention in Grenada
Press secretaries and military operations
Tiny portraits capture England's aristocracy
News In Brief
A civilized, elegant Parisian park that wasn't always so
New team in Seoul seeks to keep growth and prices steady
BYU's Young bidding for Heisman; Orioles threw strikes; Sampson still adjusting
Jesse's coattails could help some black candidates
High court hears arguments on landmark sex-bias case
News In Brief
News In Brief
Siberia-West Europe pipeline is complete, but will it carry gas?
Grenada invasion renews debate over presidents and the press
And now, for something totally different
Morocco's King faces choice on allies in Western Sahara issue
Argentines set out on new political course
Sprucing up a ragged downtown to help fashion a comeback
News In Brief
It's official: light travels exactly 299,762,458 meters per second
Power, according to Professor Galbraith, is very, very elusive
Spiritual discernment and political elections
News In Brief
Enter Jesse Jackson
Japan moves to widen trade with US while boosting economy
Speed limits in Germany - are you joking?
Nicaraguan rebels hope for US invasion
Argentine victory
Nagging questions about Grenada
Hearings for Interior secretary may test Watt policies, not Clark competency
News In Brief
News In Brief
Survey finds Americans more frugal these days, but still content
Peace group in Hungary calls it quits
Bryn Mawr president says students are savvy but too pressured
Italian peace activist takes heart as public awareness grows
News In Brief
The Clark choice
India's Sikhs defy authority in fight for political, religious identity
The case for invading Grenada
What space shuttle's delay will mean for its piggyback rider, Spacelab
Theroux on Britain: fogged up by the writer's perceptions; The Kingdom by the Sea, by Paul Theroux. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 320 pp. $15.95.
Poland's anti-liquor law has its detractors - the village store
Sporty 'baby Benz' by Mercedes makes its debut in the US
MCI Communications takes on new giant
Islanders' bid for fifth Stanley Cup highlights 1983-84 hockey season