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Monitor Archive for October 4, 1983

Chrysler Laser beams in on front line of innovation
How dangerous?
Scientists dream of shining an atomic 'flashlight' into the Earth
Life in the computer age: social choices in a futuristic world
Oil is flowing again in recession-racked Ecuador
For $1,500 a ticket, new airline provides some high-flying service
Britons argue how to spread private school privilege, excellence
Hong Kong business world shaken by political uncertainties
Reagan's pitfalls and prospects
Power-bloc politics
Guatemala's new leader Mejia: chip off the Rios Montt block?
Britain's Labour Party radicals yield to a new, more moderate generation
The Home Forum Competition
Natural science in the 20th century
Looking for ways to fire up US voters
Lunar rocks help build new theory of moon's origin
Court's gun-control ruling: neither side gets a clear victory
Handmade fishwife dolls recall a bit of Scotland's past
One-man show relives theater history; Edmund Kean. Play by Raymund FitzSimons. Starring Ben Kingsley. Directed by Alison Sutcliffe.
News In Brief
News In Brief
Investing in the world
News In Brief
United Nations turns the heat on Antarctica's 16-nation 'club'
National League playoffs: Can Dodgers' mastery of Phils continue?
Congress hopes to put tax bite on executive perks
US government's $58 a week food plan -- how practical?
Reagan's defense policy becomes tempting target in '84 campaign
First, the good news: your bank account can earn more interest
News In Brief
News In Brief
Squeezing more juice out of the electric motor
Boston's Sri Lankans fall between the cracks of US immigration law
News In Brief
West Germany's President Carstens returns to the US with a message of thanks
News In Brief
Healing relationships with in-laws
Weinberger on war and peace
'Kochlift': dumping the poor?
News In Brief
There's no black unity (yet) for Jesse Jackson's political campaign'
Aviation boycott of Soviet Union was more symbolic than damaging
Taxes and moose -- just two of the issues on state election ballots
News In Brief
Blowing the whistle on drugs
Feisty Chilean tries to hasten end of junta. Back from exile, Zaldivar chips rust off civilian politics
Ballooning: thrilling, invigorating, and elemental
News In Brief
British Museum
Charles Dickens on fog
Sadat's complexities -- a severe look at a hero by a confidant turned critic; Autumn of Fury: The Assassination of Sadat, by Mohamed Heikal. New Yor...
Salvador land reform -- and the union that backs it -- in trouble
Collecting hobby holds valuable lessons for children
Neutrinos: nimble subatomic superparticles
Swamped by studies on schools, some call for education summit
'I'm not a farmer, . . .'