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Monitor Archive for October 3, 1983

Passengers gain as airlines sort out deregulation
Filling in as an adopted grandparent
Chorus as star
First lesson in water skiing - a personal epic
Green to the playoffs, Chicago White Sox bid for first World Series berth since 1959
The 'attendance robot' - a truant officer's best high-tech friend
' . . . things that I could read for ever'
Salvador curbs unions - claps leaders in jail
The Greenspan view of social security, taxes, deficits, recovery
In Washington - more talk than action on too-strong dollar
Uganda moves to aid hungry peasants after routing dissidents
From A to Z: word games for preschoolers
Life in Lima's barrios
After snubbing home paper, New Zealand leader warms to US press
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
A modern Marshall Plan to help US in R&D battle
NYC SWAT team: cops and compassion handling danger
News In Brief
News In Brief
Living with the Soviets
Grandparents - still an integral part of the family
News In Brief
Demands of Tamil separatists give Sri Lankan leaders herculean task
Bright-red lobsters? Cobalt blue? Colorful crustaceans serve as scientific tools
MIT arms analysts doublecheck US vs. USSR 'first strike' facts
Landmark docket facing Supreme Court
News In Brief
New, old, and now
Drought of '83 probably won't be felt much at the supermarket
A searcher for new forms of democracy, freedom
The Home Forum Competition
It's raining! Can this be Saudi Arabia?
Independent scholars: research beyond the ivy-covered walls
Complexity without confusion: a changing world and a changing Monitor
Raising children with a stopwatch
News In Brief
A writer's reflections
1984 raises: merit will matter much more
News In Brief
News In Brief
Moscow's lighthearted peace marchers belie a grim Kremlin
Squalls in the skies
Market strategy now: aim for quality
News In Brief
News In Brief
Military men for rent: world's No. 2 tries harder
Crackdown on Latvian religion hides Soviet fear of nationalism
Updike as critic: versatile, diligent, erudite, entertaining
Manet exhibition bringing French artist overdue attention
It's sound - and safe - to turn off that computer
A new Monitor
Back to Geneva with hopes for flexibility
Education reform tops list of progress for Mississippi governor
PLO leader cornered by Syrians
The greening of Chile: a tale of apples and grapes
Upgrading art Down East: Portland's new museum
Chad: causes of war, conditions for peace