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Monitor Archive for October 27, 1983

UN debates invasion of Grenada
Lester Thurow blasts contemporary economic theory; Dangerous Currents: The State of Economics, by Lester C. Thurow. New York: Random House. 247 pp....
Chicago Mayor still struggles to tame a rebellious City Council
News In Brief
News In Brief
Some tips in choosing the better recordings of Rimsky-Korsakov's lush, exotic 'Scheherazade'
News In Brief
Behind Grenada invasion: US attempt to prevent 'second Cuba'?
The clown
News In Brief
On teaching poetry
Reaction from back home: 'ridiculous' vs. 'golden opportunity'
Our true nature
Uncle Sam's merit plan
Lebanon: the only way out
Battle for TV's oldies-but-goodies heats up under deregulation
US Marines erred in taking sides in Lebanese conflict
News In Brief
Fallout from Caribbean crisis; Legal basis of American invasion raises questions from allies, Capitol Hill
Brecht's 'Galileo' at Trinity Rep; also Munch, Minelli, Missa Gaia
No easy answers
In the death penalty debate, human rights could be the real issue
News In Brief
Capitalism with a human face
As come to at last
Cashing in
Academia grapples with real-life problems in business behavior
A case for developing a US industrial policy
Fallout from Caribbean crisis; Congress reels as events in Beirut, Grenada, and Washington surge past
News In Brief
Modernists who won't give up
Japan's emphasis on school test scores makes Yasuhiro a dull boy; Japan's High Schools, by Thomas R. Rohlen. Berkeley: University of California Pres...
Battle for TV's oldies-but-goodies heats up under deregulation
What would you do if . . . ?
The fine work of a master crystal cutter
Struggles to complete 'Heart,' 'Brainstorm' were worth it
News In Brief
Caribbean: a new wedge in US-European relations
Expressing the Bible's message in 'an unbiased manner'
Breaking up MDC may be key to delivering better services in Bay State
November Skychart
Envoy denies Iran link to Beirut bombing
Island in a storm; Both US and Canada lay claim to a granite speck in Gulf of Maine
Decline in two-point conversions; Dupree's exit
As Soviets plan countermissiles, East Europe is visibly glum
How to help Bostonians get better jobs - without alienating private business
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief