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Monitor Archive for October 25, 1983

Congress calls for security for marines amid skepticism
Bird watching in the wilds of . . . Central Park?
News In Brief
We come from diversity
New techniques in food packaging may put your refrigerator out to pasture
Food aid stymied as Ethiopia wars drag on
For aircraft of the future, some clues from the lowly dragonfly
News In Brief
Board room, classroom exploring business ethics
Wonders wait around every corner in West Africa
How to resolve problems with faulty products
Lebanon's lessons
Cascading draperies offer a new 'frame' for windows
News In Brief
Should bobbies carry guns? Parliament taking aim at issue after recent mishap
'Bay City' is about baseball - or, rather, the people who play it
'Right Stuff' could launch Glenn's political hopes sky-high
For them, museum directing is a family affair
Lebanon tries to save peace talks
Test-driving the souped-up Dodge Omni GLH - whooosh!
News In Brief
Argentine congress campaign: dark horse stresses human rights
France pledges it won't pull out of Lebanon . . . for now. But official statements suggest second thoughts
'Right Stuff' recaptures heroism, glory - but falls short on insight
George Eliot on falling in love
Some progress is seen on containing the spread of nuclear weapons
News In Brief
Central American refugees find a haven deep inside Los Angeles
Buyer, beware
Tales of lonely women who prefer dreams to people; New Islands, by Maria Luisa Bombal. With a preface by Jorge Luis Borges. Translated by Richard an...
Defeating resistance to prayer
A losing sophistry
Lebanon and limits to US military power
News In Brief
Mass transit
Congress must find better ways to regulate genetic engineering
King Day becomes more than a private observance for blacks
In a shop on wheels, youngsters discover 'I Can Build It Myself'
Cold war or not, Soviet ships process Scottish mackerel
News In Brief
Really neat
Lebanon and limits to US military power
News In Brief
Surprises, strange twists galore as NFL reaches the halfway point
Public-interest groups still have the zeal, but battles are tougher
News In Brief
News In Brief
China wages uphill battle against corruption among party cadres
News In Brief
More 'near misses' reported on nation's skyways this year
The role of voters in Africa
Hint to a writer