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Monitor Archive for October 24, 1983

News In Brief
News In Brief
At Washington arms bazaar, all that glitters isn't just the 'brass'
Video games blinking out
Cutting medicare costs: House split over restricting doctors' fees
Establish good study habits by providing a proper atmosphere
After 5th round, some clearer signs in Hong Kong talks
Border accord
Sales are surging as bulls charge
Laurie Anderson considers the heart of her 'performance art' to be storytelling
Lebanon - the search for a nation
How managers scan the international horizon for stock bargains
Home care vs. day care: the controversy deepens
Companies find new products and services for younger buyers
'New Hampshire is not a simple state'
Britain builds new frigate for 21st century
North Hill Pond
Burma's Karen revolt fueled by smuggling, but not of drugs
Righting the arms imbalance
Word watching
Urban model school pulls top scores, motivated students
Mustering strength to fight hunger - when it is not our own
Chilean poet Pablo Neruda wanted to be 'a poet of my land'; Passions and Impressions, by Pablo Neruda. Translated by Margaret Sayers Peden. New York...
Predictions of dire deficits are easing up
Some long-term equity funds performed well even during bad times
Stouthearted shoppers pay bottom dollar at Boston basement store
Vanguard head talks of his market strategy
A host of new funds call for extra caution before signing up
News In Brief
News In Brief
Beirut bombings lend urgency to search for a settlement in Lebanon
As high-tech boom eases, old workhorse portfolios regain favor
A brash daily challenges old guard of French press
Some compromise!
New book urges US to take a fresh appraisal of 'Cuba threat';
Real success
Heady gains in aggressive funds raise questions on holding power
News In Brief
Toward easier-to-read fund prospectuses
New avenues open up for investors sensitive to social, ethical issues
Lebanon urgency
For Palomar crew, viewing space through San Diego's glow isn't too enlightening
Attacks jolt Lebanese hopes for reconciliation and point up vulnerability of peacekeepers
News In Brief
Previewing the NBA: Philadelphia set to repeat as champion
Latin American volcano erupts at UN
International grandmaster begins weekly Monitor chess column
News In Brief
Stiff sales fight puts storefront strategy in play
Popcorn: Indians threw it in the fire, today we pop it with oil
Data bank will let investor keep day-to-day track of 'smart money'
Young-artist shows often only hint at emerging talent
News In Brief
Some managers ferret out value in stocks that stumble but have recovery potential
Market points to strength in consumer goods for '84 but not in capital outlays
Issue of atmospheric warming prompts call for calm and facts
Revival of a bright, brittle English comedy
European peace protesters, buoyed by weekend marches, aim to keep momentum
News In Brief
News In Brief
In defense of baroque
In debate between load vs. no-load: a low-load alternative