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Monitor Archive for October 21, 1983

North Carolina's launching pad for gifted students
News In Brief
Incentive scholarship: attracting graduates to math, science teaching
Heroic second-place finish put Julie Moss in triathlon limelight
Inflation warning - for 1985
Industry must spur growth in math and science education
News In Brief
Missing children. . .
News In Brief
News In Brief
Helen Hayes talks about theater, aging, and her role as Miss Marple
Pritchett's tales of the choices the middle class makes to survive; More Collected Stories, by V.S. Pritchett. New York: Random House. 276 pp. $17....
Apples fall, but oranges

One sheriff's answer to holding down the net cost of jail meals
Why Wall Street got fidgety on Digital
Swiss frugality extends to legislators
News In Brief
Many students find that a math major can be a magnet for attractive job offers
Labor-industry panel tackles repair agenda for worn out roads and aging bridges
News In Brief
Discrete math challenges calculus as cornerstone of college mathematics
A century of opera with the Met; The legacy of fine voices ranges from Enrico Caruso to Luciano Pavarotti, Christine Nilsson to Leontyne Price
News In Brief
A microcomputer might make a student put in a little overtime
Reagan's warnings to Iran
Ah, ambiance!
'Zorba': back again and bursting with earthy energy; Zorba. Musical by Joseph Stein (book), Fred Ebb (lyrics), and John Kander (music). Based on the...
News In Brief
Why voting is falling off
Chipping in: some US companies do their part to boost education
Needed: A little common sense in high school math education
KISSINGER COMMISSION; Central American animosities grow
Defense against disease
News In Brief
Soviets describe new missile plan
Changing economy demands new steps in education
Closing the gender gap in math and science
A simple way to turn venerable drawing rooms into apartments
Reagan pledges support for stalled immigration reform bill
Missing Children and how to help
Learning values; Improve the arithmetic - but don't forget the importance of the humanities
The prospects of greater federal involvement
'Pentagonal pyramids and other stuff' brighten futures in the Deep South
Team competition can foster a strong interest in learning
Even 'backwoodsmen' need a refresher on wood-stove safety
When you dream you're window-shopping in a mail-order mall
Grenada after coup: new regime will be more isolated
One small step for a pragmatic US policy
Lebanon reconcilation awaits a talk site - and political will
'83 Nobels: does past glory equal future leadership in science?
Youth-oriented films give high schools a warped image
What do we want in Lebanon?
Worth noting on TV
Tips on drying out that damp basement, clearing rust and lime from pipes
East bloc clearing way for much-delayed trade summit
Dr. Trappe's 'circus' gives students insights into the world of physics
'Did you enjoy the cakes?' she asked with a knowing grin
China gives workers a voice to prevent Solidarity-like movement
Vaudeville's back: 'Did ya hear the one about the . . . '
Bell, FCC actions jolt phone industry
Mr. Reagan and the press
News In Brief