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Monitor Archive for October 19, 1983

Father to 'heroic' son: beginnings of a dynasty in North Korea
Coming of age in Burma
Mathias now works to put others on path to Olympic glory
A new competition
Reflections on lace
Using 'The Old Farmer's Almanac' to outsmart Jack Frost
Women candidates and women voters await '84 Democrats
Philadelphia Orchestra's 'Macbeth'; 'Forza' and 'La Boheme' at the Met
US recovery still surprising the forecasters
Elephant brightens a new child's story; Alistair's Elephant, by Marilyn Sadler. Illustrated by Roger Bollen. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall....
Defensive weapons in orbit
Free lodging a rental lure in South
News In Brief
If money could talk, it would say lots about '84 campaign
Going into an empty room
A stove named Esme
News In Brief
News In Brief
Can art take love's place?; Look at Me, by Anita Brookner. New York: Pantheon Books. 192 pp. $11.95.
Making Christmas cactuses bloom; saffron crocuses, azaleas
The product's foreign, the pitch is not
Europe's polluters ignore public 'trial' by environmentalists
Dissident members, investigators challenge Teamsters' boss
US may allow use of gamma rays to help keep food fresh
With storm clouds gathering, Tories try to shore up image
Judging the law: when the judge is the jury
When S&L depositors are invited to buy shares
News In Brief
News In Brief
Pigeon-holed me
Fresh bread - an important part of any brunch menu
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
At midterm, Greek Socialist leader adds spice to moderate course
Grenada coup seen as internal power play, without Cuban role
They also serve who only stand and wait to be served
Kauai Kookies spice up Hawaiian exports
News In Brief
Atomic-powered runway lights may guide bush pilots in Alaska
Fall's the time for steaming, hearty soups
Dissolving jealousy
China modernizes its Air Force without urgency, despite Soviets
The unpredictable delights of an author's fan mail
To Jim Wright, being majority leader is one long juggling routine
Simulated stone troughs, ideal for alpines, fit well in a rock garden
Black Americans: a recognition
A fresh new Sherlock Holmes makes his debut
Biography fills gaps in our knowledge of poet Langston Hughes; Langston Hughes: Before and Beyond Harlem, by Faith Berry. Westport, Conn.: Lawrence...
Superb cinnamon rolls - well worth the effort
Senate likely to approve holiday honoring Martin Luther King
Central America faces 'tide of revolution'
Two Sam Shepard plays inventively done at La Mama