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Monitor Archive for October 18, 1983

Private enterprise sees profit in space
News In Brief
In Skokie, both sides in handgun issue want a safe community
Rice harvests, fighting, and diplomacy are all in season for troubled Kampuchea
The new agricultural chemistry: will it boost food production?
Can Anna Karenina and I be wrong?
News In Brief
Jetta GLI: Will it help pep up Volkswagen's sagging image?
Grocery bills high? Check out a course in supermarket survival
World Series notebook: Boddicker started O's rolling; hats off to Weaver, Matthews
Waning US credibility in Middle East prompts administration to review policy
How Honda builds cars in Ohio to match its home-plant quality
The I-95 Series
New Brunswick: an abundance of history, natural beauty
Edmund Burke on what is beautiful
Raoul Wallenberg's story of courage and selflessness
Tanaka conviction freezes Japan Diet before Reagan visit
Marcos offers mild concessions
Scientists foresee robots picking Florida oranges within 10 years
News In Brief
News In Brief
Orioles combine teamwork and talent for World Series victory
For pigeons, aromas may aid navigation
RVs in their driveways, wanderlust in their hearts
News In Brief
Economic equity
China's heaviest burden
This London theater tour goes backstage
What went awry with WPPSS? Voters never passed the bonds
Sikh leader is key to stemming violence
United Nations chief at watershed in push for Afghan accord
Managers at Honda's hub: casual but purposeful
News In Brief
C3I = EQUALS US military's formula to keep rein on far-flung forces
Moi emerges from Kenyatta's shadow
News In Brief
Greece plays host to a Western Socialist summit
Computers help pinpoint problems under the hood
THE OIL CRISIS: 10 YEARS AFTER; America may have cut its thirst for oil, but energy independence is still a long way off
News In Brief
News In Brief
Raymond Aron saw his liberal pluralism triumph over Marx
Recycling isn't just a good idea; it's a necessity, says new report
Cleansing the elements
S. African raid may cool Mozambique's warmer ties to West
Western resolve
Northeast states crack down on youths who drink and drive
News In Brief
Salvador land reform plowed under by rightists
A fresh look at Ireland's gifts to 20th-century literature
Freedom from preoccupation with physique
News In Brief
A new competition