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Monitor Archive for October 14, 1983

W. Germany sets new UN tone
The world's last Georgian dockyard and other sites
Negotiation, not nagging, may encourage children to straighten up their rooms
Syria works to replace Arafat as PLO leader
The 'why' of morality
GOP chorus: 'Decide, Ron, decide!'
Help the homeless
News In Brief
News In Brief
In a tight spot? Maybe a corner cupboard could help you out
News In Brief
Can NATO lessen its nuclear tilt?
Lively, hilarious Jamaica, where even the bamboo moves to a reggae beat
Belgium finally celebrates the work of artist James Ensor
Should teachers take competency tests? Houston plan offers clues
Sarajevo: suiting up for the Winter Olympics
Reasonableness on defense
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
The welcome for tourists: 'no problem,' mostly
Superpower football; US-Soviet relations harden
Polls ignore Oklahoma State's gallant try vs. Nebraska
'New' dance craze blends acrobatics, mime, and inventiveness
Europe finds its 'Community' pocket is empty
Superpower football; KAL Flight 7 - the legal aftermath
A conservative looks at progress of education since World War II, The Troubled Crusade: American Education 1945-1980, by Diane Ravitch. New York: Ba...
In Virgin Gorda, the best sightseeing is underwater
What Israel would gain if it linked shekel to dollar
From 'nonexistence' to full life of music, work - and friends
MX missile runs into opposition from its prospective neighbors
Superpower football; Andropov's losses
Regatta time on the Grand Canal
Common-sense approach to leaky basements
A partial defense of Peter Pan - inspired by a current bestseller
Ace left-handers duel as Series moves to Philadelphia
Unions grow more dissatisfied with Reagan labor policies
An Ohio utility turns 17,000 customers into shareholders
Warsaw Pact plots a response to NATO missile buildup
Salvador confused by US war-peace signs
Jesse Jackson, Democrat, edges closer to presidential campaign
News In Brief
The great flight
Furnaces, damp basements, and attic insulation
And for 25 cents extra . . .
The Winter Games: picking a package
PBS's Grossman guides network to strongest season yet
The museums of Old San Juan: the ones that are open are charming
News In Brief
Spain's pragmatic socialism finds management types in key posts
News In Brief
Its sink or swim for China's party cadres
News In Brief
News In Brief