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Monitor Archive for October 12, 1983

A well-bred hurrah for the Modern Jazz Quartet: 30 years young
TV's French Chef plunges into American cuisine
'I am not a fan,' by - Red Barber?
'As one whom his mother comforteth . . .'
Lawmakers push for more aid to compensate victims of crime
Series managers new at current jobs but old hands at baseball strategy
News In Brief
News In Brief
Fine new look at moviemaking shows the gold as well as the dross, Rolling Breaks and Other Movie Business, by Aljean Harmetz. New York: Alfred A. Kn...
Sampling the surfeit of magazines for computer owners and shoppers
Agreeing to disagree on how to conduct Verdi's operas
News In Brief
News In Brief
Stay out of politics, powerful environmental groups are warned
Mr. Shamir takes charge
News In Brief
New barriers to peace in Lebanon
Useful tips on daylilies, fern seeds, and the best soil for roses
Julia brings home the bacon, er, salmon, and cooks it too
Bison in a book draws pre-schoolers, Young Domestic Animals; Domestic Amimals; Young Animals in the Zoo; Zoo Animals; A visit to a Pond. Chicago: Im...
Mrs. Gandhi walks tightrope in India's violence-prone Punjab
'Wild America' returns for another superb season
Radical days past, freshman Hayden rejoins 'the system'
NASA tries to keep the hogs and 'gators off the shuttle's runway
News In Brief
Critical juncture for US-Soviet ties: how to rebuild dialogue
Year-end Pentagon spending spree brings new calls for reform
S. Africa doffs brass knuckles, moves subtly against critics
After Watt: Mr. Reagan's opportunity
Captured by deer
News In Brief
Sean O'Faolain collection: evocative but uneven
Atlantic magazine finding new friends
Avoiding the tax trap of too many shelters
Problems assail Britain's 'Iron Lady' as Tory party convenes
Teleport to use Staten Island's free air
Cornstarch for clearer gravy
World Orchid Conference: where love of orchids spans cultures
Putting Lebanon together again
News In Brief
Why US is playing tough with World Bank
Latin debtors balk at slashing budgets
Walesa's Nobel prize hangs over Poland's debt talks with West
The weapons balance tilts toward the East
News In Brief
Bombing likely to reverse moves to unify North and South Korea
News In Brief
News In Brief
South Korea's future
Anticipating the next Soviet threat