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Monitor Archive for October 11, 1983

Peking's sellout movie: a tale of love and striving in a Chinese factory
Energetic sequel to ''Huckleberry Finn'' is faithful to original, The Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Greg Matthews. New York: Crown Publ...
News In Brief
US agencies consider setting stricter standards on asbestos in the workplace
OPEC hopes cold winter will help raise prices for its petroleum
Richard Steele on insignificance
One man's crusade to cure Congress of pork-barrel practices
El Salvador: still with us
With US missiles on its threshold, Europe looks to 1984 for what's next
Accepting God's Love
News In Brief
West Germany topples ban on private windmills
Experience a big factor in Philadelphia and Baltimore playoff victories
License plates
Gerald Ford on Reagan, Watergate, and state of the presidency
Some new answers to old questions about dinosaurs
News In Brief
Ecuador spots hint of recovery in economy that heated up too fast
How one man struck it rich in the US bureaucracy
Knesset confirms Shamir as new Israeli prime minister
A renovation for the lady who lifts her lamp to the world
Interior after Watt: What course will Reagan take?
Countering the Soviet threat to West Europe
Trilateral group urges more security cooperation among allies
It's sort of soccer with a plastic disc. . .. . .and it's the 'Ultimate'
Phillies and Orioles show their mettle, storm into World Series
To decrease acid rain, cut smokestack emissions
A fascinating find! Evidence of a civilization of Little People
News In Brief
ABCs of computers likely to alter role of ABCs in the classroom
Why athletes brave pooh-poohing to play the 'ultimate' sport
'Loose-leaf' correction
Zimbabwe's Mugabe: labels like 'Marxist' don't stick to him
Satellite to tell what's blowing in the wind
Britain tries to get more for its R&D money in the marketplace
A look at what's behind the rising cost of loans to the world's developing countries
News In Brief
News In Brief
Guerrillas say Salvador Army's use of air power belies weakness
East Europe tightens its belt - but prices keep bulging
Concord grapes - a versatile native food
Congress wants more distance between Reagan and rights panel
rear view
Vietnam is cool to new initiative on Kampuchea
Long-touted '84 Fiero could restore Pontiac's sporty image
Jim Hall and Ron Carter: a jazz duo getting attentive respect from audiences
Remembering Vietnam and its veterans
Burma probes bombing of South Korean presidential party
The veggie threat
The AFL-CIO sets its priorities
News In Brief
A plant for a three-year-old? Don't be too quick to say no
Quick, convenient meals don't have to be frozen or canned
West allies may prune arsenal
Philippine unrest tests US diplomacy
As Massachusetts goes . . .
A euphoric evening of celebration for Broadway's longest-running show
Corporate generosity: time, not just money
Japan's Watergate: verdict tomorrow in Tanaka trial puts political morality to test
Tug of war
News In Brief
A few tricks to keep Halloween safe
Chile's military gives civilians an inch - but they want a mile. Centrist political parties, banding together for strength, say Pinochet liberalizat...
News In Brief
Yeast - an unlikely tool on the front lines of genetic engineering
Rossini's operas resound in the Italian town of Pesaro
Blue chips resuming their upward march