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Monitor Archive for January 7, 1983

Wildlife group puts down plan to wrap up islands
US auto recovery seen after 21-year low in '82
The isolation of Frank Lloyd Wright's 'complete works of art'
New strawberry strain is sweet news to gardeners
Payton still going strong after gaining 10,000 yards
Warsaw Pact plan: a ripple but no splash in W. Europe
A fatter purse for scientific research
Pinched states try lotteries; hidden costs may cancel gains
ABC ties massacre to top Israelis
Our little town in winter
TV access: the Dutch solution
Ball, the jarmaker, boils up profits in aerospace, too
How much influence do you have?
Helping minority teens, hardest to employ, mount job ladder
Gandhi 'dynasty' in doubt after two election losses

Where US defense is weak
Joining the parade
Japan finds rocky path in Europe over troublesome trade issues

The has(h)-beens
Japanese premier to patch up Korean ties before US trip
Soviets deny satellite fall to Earth poses danger
A Reagan-Andropov summit?
US backs moderate stand by South African party
Diplomatic disorder
Beirut suburbs closed off on grounds of security
Elizabeth Dole is chosen to fill transportation post
Gallup: Reagan the loser in Mondale or Glenn race
Puerto Rican terrorists, with low grass-roots support, change tactics
Mexico wards off wolf at its door: wins $4.5 billion loan, cuts budget
How to prevent painted brick from peeling
Going along in South Africa
Australia gets its fondest wish -- rain for parched field, dry riverbeds
Dole calls for speedup in social security tax rises
Lebanese pullout snagged over new diplomatic ties
NBC's Grant Tinker: the view from the top after 16 months
The West sees the Russia it wants to see
Hardy survivor

Robot beats Rubik's Cube, but some humans are faster
Possible second 'black hole' sighted
Kuwait in Watt land

Swedish leader charges CIA tailed him for 'several years'

Teaching parents -- as well as children -- to read
Saving buildings can reward developers and community
How Dutch TV time is allocated