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Monitor Archive for January 5, 1983

Canada's Eskimos one step closer to having a homeland
Can Reagan hold out against defense cut, new taxes?
Proof of the popularity of parsley
A slightly sinister masquerade; Anthony Shaffer's playful parody on whodunits; Whodunnit Comedy by Anthony Shaffer. Starring George Hearn, Hermione...
Miami mayor names panel to study race relations
Filipino spy chief favored action against newspaper
Reagan backs off choice for arms-control agency
Tripoli fighting rages for fourth straight day
EPA scans ocean for place to dump low-level nuclear waste
Blocking NATO missiles is top Soviet priority, says expert
East bloc to push arms offer?
The ideas that shaped Irving Howe; A Margin of Hope: An Intellectual Autobiography, by Irving Howe. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. 368 pp. $1...
Porter's real life reads like fiction; Katherine Anne Porter: A Life, by Joan Givner. New York: Simon & Schuster. 456 pp. $19.95.
Savings banks and IRAs
Reagan's boll weevil friends get warning
Aid for students escaped threat of a slash by US
Dioxin concern leads US to share flood-debris cost
Questioning Soviets nuclear intentions
Under new rivalry, airlines woo customers to 'go steady'
Moderate line on S. Africa reform
Mondale announces setup of presidential committee
Tension over kippers: Britain and Denmark may go to court
Love your teen-ager
Trying again on ERA
Prunes add richness to hot or cold dishes
Pluses and minuses on the Reagan report card
Extremities Melodrama by William Mastrosimone. Starring Susan Sarandon. Directed by Robert Allan Ackerman.
Our critic chooses some of the best recordings of 1982
New country school for live-in cooks in Victoria
Artists learn a new craft: how to drum up funds in recession
Out of step at the UN
For people on the move, rental furniture is the way to go
Trying to teach computers how to 'see' a tree
Painting a 90,000-mile 'peace dove' -- with fire
Let the Super Bowl Tournament begin
Chinese military leader stresses butter vs. guns
Hospitals across US face difficult times
Historical wallpapers for the home
Examining cross-country boots and bindings
Celtic history, language, culture; The Celtic Consciousness, edited by Robert O'Driscoll. New York: George Braziller.642 pp. $40.
Conference Board forum predicts mild '83 rally from recession
Recovery checklist -- six economic bright spots, two dim ones
New Zealanders looking for work in Australia often wind up on the dole
Saving the soil -- by private initiative
Making Gruyere cheese, efficient, but romantic
Textile officials are fired in Soviet drive on graft
Energy systems seen as vulnerable; Brittle Power, by Amory B. Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins. Andover, Mass.: Brick House. 486 pp. $17.95.
Don't tear the fabric of US-China trade
Mixing canvas and diesel power -- modern skippers rediscover the wind
Israel says Syria prepares for Soviet SAM-5 missiles
The ins and outs of a Pacific democracy
Kenya suspects its Mr. 'Double O' had links to foiled coup plot
Cookery lore of Australia
ERA introduced again as Congress convenes