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Monitor Archive for January 4, 1983

Argentina to press claim to Falklands once again
Kosovo: surface calm masks old troubles
Recession changes focus of management consulting
Louisiana flood damage is set at $200 million
A visit with an ex-street gangster in the Shanghai jail
Ulster clergyman critical of British use of force
China warns US on import limits
Japanese CRAFT tour
Ethics and competition
Ancient and modern self-portraits: sometimes vain, sometimes candid
On cars, television, and the nuclear threat in Britain
Protecting the rights of working women
'Narrow road to the deep north'
Nicaragua says exiles kidnap 67 peasants
US chief Justice calls for 'more humane and and effective' prisons
Polish martial law went out with a whimper
That 'sinister' Soviet
USA vs. USSR in 1983

Gulf land expected to weigh price cut
New twist on ROTC: New York looks at police corps
Will Israeli dove fly to his Labor Party's aid?
Moscow's helping hand: how dependable?
Challenge for Northeast: cooperating to attract jobs
California's 'Duke' strides toward Democrats, deficit
How familiar works stand up to a state-of-the-art recording test
Penn State No. 1 in final polls
Reagan's mixed success with energy policy
Nepal: a yam between two stones
Another Congress, another try at immigration reform
Japanese official seeking to mend trade relations
Bermuda off-season: a bit cool for swimming, but ideal for sailing, strolling
Inside 20th-century music
Report says congressmen got rides from Pentagon
Wild West heroes ride again . . . in East Germany
Efficient Tom Ramsey at controls in rosy finish to UCLA's season
Public schools go for an 'A' in education
Britain's foreign secretary not allowed to visit Saudis
Nuclear power in US: fission fizzles
Lebanon pullout talks fail for the third time
Moscow's helping hand: how dependable?
What four stock-watchers suggest for an '83 portfolio
From the depths of maritime history; 'Women have always gone to sea'
Business needs a bankruptcy law
The new Middle East