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Monitor Archive for January 3, 1983

War scenario to prevent a real one; The Third World War: The Untold Story, by Gen. Sir John Hackett. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company. 372 pp....
History -- visible and invisible
Olive oil caper points up Europe's problem with barnyard con artists
First of newly-elected governors take office
Close encounters of a different kind
Useful warning about arms cuts; How Little Is Enough? SALT and Security in the Long Run, by Francis P. Hoeber. New York: Crane, Russak & Co. 80 pp....
Comic strip 'Doonesbury' takes leave of absence
A lively White House debate over Reagan's '84 budget
Rescuing language
'Pump Boys and Dinettes,' Broadway's home-cooked success story
New York blasts -- work of the FALN, police say
Lower home mortgatge rates in '83, experts say
For US industry in 1983, a trek toward better sales
'Annie' closes after six years on Broadway
Kremlin to US: What is 'strategic' in war?
Ed Meese's midterm assessment
Reagan and the world
Innovative guests from the Royal Court; Top Girls Play by Caryl Churchill. Directed by Max Stafford-Clark.
A call to steelworkers: reduce pay to save jobs
New Years
How one sixth grade saves energy at home and school
Midwinter Repose
January light
Deregulation aids takeoff of new entries in airline industry
Comics, degrees, training, flying archeology, languages, computers
Public service work can pay tuition at Brown University
Penn State claims national championship via exciting New Year's Day bowl windup
Lebanese welcome new year with uncertainty, hope
The changing face of California
Working mother tucks moments of 'alone time' into her day
Northeast strives to shed its anti-business reputation
The after-Christmas tree
This treasure is the ship itself
With the New Year comes a passel of new taxes
How an Indian film idol upstages Mrs. Gandhi
Shoppers like unit pricing, product labeling, but not specialty food and concession prices
Namibia: a land of diamonds and Bushmen
Gene splicing: not how but whether
A new US Congress with a new mission
'Get a liberal arts education . . . it's the course for life.'
Sunken treasures spark legal battles between salvagers and states
Sell-short advice turns out to be in wrong direction
US vs. Romania: Should people be charged $20,000 to emigrate?
To our readers
Peking Review apologizes for misinforming readers
W. Germany sets sights on European unity, more jobs
Jottings by France's President; The Wheat and the Chaff, by Francois Mitterrand. New York: Seaver Books. 284 pp. $16.95.
Shari Lewis blends classics and comedy in symphony concerts
Lebanese-Israeli talks resume
Concorde jet crosses Atlantic in record time
Reagan and the nation
Perfect justice