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Monitor Archive for January 28, 1983

GM to call 21,400 back to work

Facts about Egypt
College asks high court to halt government meddling
How to help birds avoid glass
Britain seeks to reassure traders as oil meeting shakes the pound
School Boards; Grassroots school government hallmark of nation's strength

Why Israel is holding out in Lebanon

Reagan drops suggestion to scrap business tax
Doing business: ample minuses -- and pluses
Nuclear-free zone outlined for Europe by Soviets
Teachers join strike of Quebec civil servants
Sowing the seeds of self-sufficiency in cereal output
A five-year aim to cut foreign debt
Another 79 children leave Vietnam, begin trip to US
A-plants are planned to save precious oil for export income
Dusky, teeming Cairo in great need of humdrum street and sewer work
Removing white paint from old brick house
US-Soviet relations; The arms race and coexistence
Nureyev's 'Don Quixote' has verve and imagination, but . . .
GOP grows restive as '84 nears
Arms-control talks resume in Geneva
Smurfs, Hogs, and Bees in Super Bowl limelight
Wide gaps persist in school expenditures

Ancient wonders: bringing tourism up to date
US, Japan tiptoe toward extension of auto-export limits

Steel firm may have set record for quarterly loss
Cash at the gas pump: Is credit better after all?
Why farmers may have an extra-long wait for recovery
Egypt's Mubarak: Put more pressure on the Israelis

Washington's pincer movement
Volcker sees many signposts -- and some barriers -- to recovery
New US jobless claims drop to a 16-month low
Post-Sadat team battles tide of population, expectations
Non-public schools seek independent identity
Moving away from zero-zero
Truckers' tough decision: strike or keep rolling
Anne Graham, voluntary politician turned pro
Latticework factory recalls an architectural heritage
Exiles report widespread persecution in Khomeini's Iran
The fine art and history of landscape architecture
How to make a pomander
School boards; Run for office and win
Public TV -- America's soapbox for individual opinion
S. African power-sharing plan draws fire
On solid footings, build even higher
Marking a quarter-century of US satellites in space
School Boards; Motive: love of kids, local pride
Politics in France -- it's lunch that counts
Desegregation of Pasadena schools -- 12 years later
Ask local agency for advice on formaldehyde-foam threat
Prospect of slipping prices has Big Oil shifting gears
Greece flings life buoy to its shipping fleet
World's slippery path to cheap oil
Moscow in the marketplace
Realism on arms
Uncle Sam's stake in educational enterprises

VAT: more eggs with less squawk?
Quiz on Japanese imports
Hussein looks to Europe for lever in Mideast negotiations
The economic climate -- in President Mubarak's eyes
With hotel thrown in
Pests taking over garden? Try mixing your crops
US arms-control nominee criticized on Senate panel
A thousand trumpets, or two