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Monitor Archive for January 27, 1983

Space is no place for Pac-Man
The many masks of modern art
In Pittsburgh, doubts about Reagan's message
Reagan's quick, and perplexing, trip to Boston
Thor Heyerdahl
Walesa told he's back on shipyard's payroll
The Arab-Arab drama
US carmakers woo buyers in Spain
Regan vows best is yet to come, but Wall Street's wary
Sparta vs. Athens: an update
Playing it by ear at the ballpark
Bipartisanship: How much will Congress buy?; Reaganomics remains intact
Thatcher to take reins of intelligence panel
'Matchmaker' firm hires money managers for individual clients
GOP freshman calls speech a good start
Israel may outlaw PLO contacts
The kingdom under Fahd -- matawahs and 'Uncle Greenie'
Nonfarm productivity rose only 0.2 percent last year
Israel wants joint patrols with Lebanon after pullout
Home construction business opening its doors to women
Political reflections
Hope for the family farm lies in modern business savvy
States take tougher, quicker action to stop drunken drivers
Bipartisanship: How much will Congress buy?; Lawmakers warm to Reagan appeal
Indians and the White House
Learning from Iowa
Measuring the recession on an L.A. street corner
February Sky Chart; Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide
Former Gestapo official is arrested in Bolivia
How small is small? Here comes the minicar
The irksome yes-no choice on El Salvador
US Steel's 1982 loss sets a post-depression mark
Tanaka's hold on Japanese politics strong as ever as bribery trial ends
Bahamas is shaping a lure for 'captive' insurance companies

IRS will be firing questions to more taxpayers this year
Wanting it all
'Mathematica': peephole into the fun and wit of mathematics
Taste of the good old days of concert programs
Lawsuit challenge order to birth-control clinics
Does 'Bulgarian trail' run through Belgium to NATO?
Fitting new 'skins' on old structures
Begin US visit may hinge on Israeli troop pullout
The Kremlin's message to workers sinks in
Marcos targets village industries as key to Philippine prosperity
Reagan's course now
Super Bowl coaches: a legend vs. an impressive newcomer
How Reagan's pay freeze will affect the military
French belt-tightening helps, but more is in prospect
Finding satisfaction and privacy in multi-generation households
Italy sentences terrorists . . . and looks for end to strife
Tough PBS show on local D.C. government
Houston's special big man on campus; getting to bottom of tarp controversy
UN chief to visit key African area
Enjoying two sides of Japanese film -- pensive and epic; Also: an unabashed polemic, an odd thriller, a Cukor tribute