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Monitor Archive for January 26, 1983

Timely hit on local TV: 'jobathons' for jobless
US Marine-Israeli relations tense
Britain's purest water: good enough for royalty . . . but not for Europe's commoners?
Emergency rule extended for 30 days in Guatemala
Private pension funds solidly in the black
A plan for controlling medical costs
Japan asked to import more European products
The Supreme Court stays at the wheel
How to find hard-to-get books
When reporters have answered inmates' call
Airport art
Growing role of reporters in hostage crises
Leak of US defense plan sends ripples through South Korea
Canada's battle of unpopularity
Consumers, arise -- and spend
Newfoundland readies plan for Grand Banks oil hub
Mapping Reagan's changing course
United Arab Emirates to raise oil production
Tomorrow's oil
Argentina gets $2 billion in IMF loan for recovery
A look behind the scenes of TV news
Dutch specialties: warming and hearty
US vs. toxic waste -- some successes, but a massive job ahead
Death penalty commuted for Mao's widow, 1 other
Dutch food is winter food, with soups full of vegetables
Who says Andropov's a liberal?
Why it took so long to warn Times Beach about dioxin
Welcome, Mr. President
Jobs, jobs, jobs . . . and too few Saudis to fill them
How arms race affects US politics in '83

El Salvador: fewer killings but little gain in human rights
A new US-China pragmatism
For Poles allowed to exit, the West puts out few welcome mats
Finding work
Can Frenchman be Nazi collaborator . . . and a hero?
Angolan border cease-fire pushed
Value of antiques depends on demand
Forgotten operas can be a joy to hear -- sometimes
Squatters move in as Zimbabwe land reform lags
Traces of cyanide found in Louisiana city's water
Salt of the earth and stars
Neeps and tatties: traditional fare of Scotland
Palestinians meet to forge peace-strategy consensus
Lendl, tennis Masters, and who's No. 1?
London's know-your-bobby crime fight
'Army-less' Costa Rica builds 10,000-man civil force
European countries set common fisheries policy
Israel, US disagree over major issues on Mideast agenda
Three Mile Island suit resolved out of court
For the not-so-athletic, learning to ski should be gentle
A nationwide sampling of specialty bookstores
Social security debate may mean you need to rethink retirement plan
How middle-income students get a hand with college costs
Corporation helps women in running small businesses
The Lebanese Army rebuilds, but it faces obstacles within and without