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Monitor Archive for January 25, 1983

Getting organized can end the scramble for records
Oil income funds -- as opposed to drilling funds -- holding their own
Some hot tax shelters are just warmed-over come-ons
Overhauling the US prison system
Washington at loggerheads over how to repair economy
High court deals setback to Reagan's antibusing plan
Public works by private firms
Islam -- and limousines -- in Riyadh
American arms-limit policy favored in US, Europe poll
Think you know all possible tax deductions? Think again
Supreme Court to rule on press bans in court
High court postpones an execution in Texas
'Come quick! The office ficus tree is turning yellow'
The Concorde: no grander, giddier way to get to Paris
Memo to Mr. Shultz: change course on Central America
Back rooms of galleries are great places for discovering art
Special team's challenge: cleaning up nuclear incidents
Express delivery
Watching southern Lebanon
Navy overran cost limits, tried cover-up, panel says
Why Hussein hurries for Mideast talks
SPDA is for those whose means stretch beyond an IRA retirement plan
Partnership funds hit new high
Frank Stella -- as important a printmaker as he is a painter
Rocket hits near site of Israel-Lebanon talks
US tries to find ways to stem increase in infant mortality
British pay strike leaves homes without water
Egypt's banks, despite a letup, still spawning capital
Adults find it's never too late to express themselves
Redskins, Dolphins head for Super Bowl showdown
Winter in Paris
Leaner Chrysler emerges, but weak auto market takes toll
Andropov assembles his team 'one by one' -- no purge foreseen
Retooling Japanese education
What to tell the IRS about that night on the town
Sandals 'n sirloin
Profiles in protest: women at missile base in Britain
Borrowing to save
A better way than Fortress Falklands
Dousing the fuse on police-community conflicts
Where to get help to see if a tax shelter can help you
Software that knows its taxes can make a hard job much easier
Soviet dissident ends his strike, French told
Computer, assembly line redo Japan home building
IRS aids taxpayers via pamphlets, telephones, and self-help groups
OPEC in disarray: what it means
An interesting contrast
Despite busing, school segregation grows
Messages that heal
Snow on Broadway
A cello recital where enjoyment comes first
1040EZ and other short forms may not prove so 'easy' on your wallet
Strategy for small business should tie in with the family
Keeping up with shifts in tax laws, let alone paying up, is a tall task
Loanly job
Computer firms can sag, too
Mugabe fails -- so far -- to quell tribal violence, black-white mistrust
Irish opposition to review charges of wire-tapping
Where to turn for professional help with tax returns
Three cities that make good relations a priority
A stronger recovery ahead, top government economist says
Speaking up on employer abuses -- and managing to keep your job
The IRS is ready to tighten ropes on escape artistry
Nakasone says Japan is firmly allied to US
32 Red Brigades leftists get life sentences in Italy
US cruise missile gets rough ride in western Canada