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Monitor Archive for January 21, 1983

Former trumpeter hits high note with small San Francisco hotel
OPEC hawks weaken move to prop up oil price
Native Floridians decry Yankees, pink flamingos
Reagan's tax window
Midterm Assesments -- Reagan's own, the scholars; Comparing present, past
Cable TV - co-op style - comes to Davis, Calif.
Ex-cabinet officials unveil proposal to cut '85 deficit
Planning a first garden? Put books aside
US says Soviet satellite may begin plunge Sunday
Containers blossom out all over
Midterm assessments - Reagan's own, the scholars'; President says US is on the right course
Tokyo worries Soviet SS-20s may swing east

Syria warns that Israel may attack new missiles
Wrangle over textiles threatens overall fabric of Sino-American ties
Just how serious are imports in US textile downturn?
At home in a castle
For instant desserts, try easy-grow fruits
Fatigues to flaked meat, from Army's idea lab
Soviet threat on START reported
National Farmers Organization tries to shed its milk-dumping image
Some who concurred in 'worst single violation of civil rights'
Zinnias top flower-seed hit parade
Garden vegetables adorn the table - and pocketbook
Fair 'n square
Ask a Builder
A chat with Vicki Lawrence, Carol Burnett's TV sister
US reports progress on Lebanese pullout
Figure your '83 garden needs by combing the catalogs
Worth noting
The marketplace
British press flirts with a princess . . . and angers a queen
Where pigeons fear to flock: Toronto's falcon-patrolled airport
Mending Sino-American seams
League of Women Voters affirms abortion choice
Tax-deferred saving for college?
Old tree trunks can be veiled - or eliminated

Next on the repair list: medicare costs
Initial jobless claims rise again

Eastern ski areas trying to cope with a mostly snowless winter
Andropov's paper dove or Reagan's paper eagle?
Ask the gardeners
Three who resisted - Japanese internment case reopens
US publicity effort to woo Europe on missile issue
Despite Soviet warning - a quiet dissident works on
Flag wars in the village of Panmunjom
Herb-plant artistry in a vegetable plot
Bishops end Vatican talks on A-arms pastoral letter

Bill Kreml and the US Constitution

Nakasone's US visit heightens his hawkish image in Japan
A fund to ease home foreclosures
Pluses and minuses of a 'consumption tax'

Light up an indoor garden for year-round enjoyment
A bicycle tour of the rich garden paths of Holland
Prayer that is answered

Viewing new subatomic worlds
Let the winds howl! Can spring be that far away?
Rebels hit key air base in Salvadorean capital