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Monitor Archive for January 18, 1983

Skiing in Cervinia: it's tempting to look everwhere but downhill
When arms negotiators agree
UNIFIL mandate to remain limited
Supermarket cash registers that talk
Today's NHL lesson: inspired Black Hawks are no mirage
Ban on after-class prayer stands
Massacre probe unlikely to hurt Begin
What to kick in for a park mule?
Sonic surprises from the Lovely Music troupe

South Africa cheers black cricket team it lured with cash
The light of infinite good
They did it
Japan to limit car exports to US again
Four PLO groups reject Arab, US peace plans
Walesa may sue to get job back
US boating industry sees sales gaining some headway in 1983
But which guns?
Olympics to weigh adding tennis and soccer pros
What 1980s hold for US jobs, social security
Pentagon budget: after two fat years, the squeeze begins
Women's portrayal in ads falls behind the times, study finds
For openness on arms control

Israel wins out on agenda for talks with Lebanon
Australian state fights drunk drivers . . . and appears to win
US presidential race -- start of two-year odyssey
Nader sees big trouble for Postal Service's rounds
Oman security gets a boost in Soviet-urged moderation
What 1980s hold for US jobs, social security
Factory use is down; so is rate of decline
British TV presents Mrs. Thatcher live (almost) from the Falklands
Living Single; Changing views
Winter weekend
There's more to French opera than 'Carmen,' as several releases show

As world interest in nuclear power cools, Britain debates new reactor
The CIA in Australia, too?
Iraq bombs economic and military targets in Iran
Disney 'Peter Pan' is back on movie screens
How anti-Semitism serves the Kremlin
In Oman's war-torn Dhofar region . . . today only 39 rebels remain
US Steel making new pay cuts
British breakfast war: telly vs. toast
Easel rights? Lawyers help out struggling artists
Human rights: British put heat on Soviets
Whatever happened to the synthetic fuels program?
US prisons held 405,000 as of end of September
Zago's American vision -- and art's long-distance runner
Can European Community talk in fewer tongues?
Glimpse of an almost-bloom
Yea for the 1942 Navy!
Time for the Fed to tighten money, an economist says
Rejected US-Soviet pact has promise, Rostow says