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Monitor Archive for January 12, 1983

Upturn no longer 'just around the corner' -- it's here
Figuring in the charges, you may not gain from high-interest accounts
Of budgets, ballots, and Reagan's political future; A call to trim 'structural' deficit
The Joffrey steps outside itself -- again
Never too old
On enhancing one's cross-country enjoyment
Superpower symphony: Andropov plays to West German audience
Prison: the punishment of last resort
Kitchen tools made smaller to save space
Bigotry still a 'serious threat' in US
News of Kohl missile plan has W. Germany uneasy
Arafat in USSR; US plan touchy
US seeks rule to equalize retirement aid for women
A grab bag of elusive events that deserve attention
Jets, Raiders, and Redskins serve notice that they are serious Super Bowl contenders

It's back to work -- for a while -- for some Gadsden, Ala., steelworkers
North Yemen
L.A. paper orders writers to disclose story sources
Trains make comeback against trucks as US economy tightens competition
Namibian turmoil forecast after a leader's departure
Sounding the call for noise-free cities in Japan
Sauerbraten makes a hearty, inexpensive winter meal
Israelis stuck in Lebanese mire?
An American classic: light, airy angel cake
Vital Nicaragua harvest upset by rebel raids
Reagan cracking down on news leaks by staff
Government that nobody wanted to join
Several big banks lower their prime rates to 11%
Reagan says credit plan for farm exports widened
Argentina restocks arsenal with tip-top fighters, missiles
Of budgets, ballots, and Reagan's political future; '84 race is off to very fast start
Mini-Silicon Valley sprouts on fringe of nation's capital
A-panel OKs safety rules, skirting a low-risk proviso
A man's fight to help troubled kids; To Become Somebody: Growing up Against the Grain of Society, by John B. Simon. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company...
Intrigue abounds in US and abroad; Archangel, by Gerald Seymour. New York: E. P. Dutton Inc. 352 pp. $14.95.
More states and cities cut their financial ties to South Africa
Archaeological 'treasure trove' found in Jerusalem
Afghanistan: earthquake and kidnapping reported
Political victims are a proper concern of US diplomacy
Folk paintings join National Gallery exhibits
US wants parents to get word on birth-curb use

Fashion looks for the career woman
Healing in our time
How New York avoided another prison tragedy
Many states revise their financial forecasts -- downward
How one governor plans to cope with budget deficit
Let Georges do it