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Monitor Archive for January 11, 1983

Court will review Silkwood case
Women and the White House
Simple arithmetic
Lourdes Miranda: a role model to her countrywomen
'I can't come to class now, my favorite soap is on'
When times get tough, America's ingenuity for recycling shines
Chrysler turned a profit last year
Skier Bill Koch the winter after his cross-country championship
Friend, defender
Lebanese pullout talks fail to agree on agenda
Philippine slump drives rural poor to jobs in Manila
Peace pushed by Iraqi, Iranian opposition leader
Why US shouldn't rejoice when dollar is too strong
Stagnation in the prisons -- lesson of hostage saga
Taking children to the opera: it can work beautifully, depending . . .
African states snub Libya, try to pick up summit pieces in Ethiopia
Why Cayman Islanders in Caribbean prefer living under the Union Jack
Funds for new arms 'soaked up'?
US administration calls Salvador human-rights improvement 'more rapid than expected'
Chemical arms reportedly used in Kampuchea strike
A look at mural art of the '30s; Wall to Wall America, by Karal Ann Marling. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. 348 pp. Hard cover, $35. Pa...
Cleaning up the junk orbiting Earth
Peru slashes spending to cover debts, strikes back at guerrillas
Stop propping up Russia with US exports
Begin's great offensive
How Lowell, Mass., turned hard times into boom times
Japanese industry rethinks its pay and security traditions
Being charitable
Per capita coffee use hit 40-year low in '82
Standard styles vs. individuality. Why some artists paint like everyone else , and others don't
President of Israel reports adamance about borders
Top Japanese TV hostess talks in N.Y.
Red Cross embroiled in dispute between neutrality and press freedom
Massachusetts politics: a comic opera in five acts? Massport, two governors, and a cast of appointees play lead roles in this intrigue
A city where officials go door to door asking how they can do better
Despite Reagan cuts, government's still pretty plump
West German candidate in USSR on policy issues
Quiet company
Those 800 numbers tuning in quicker, cheaper sales
Why Governor Cuomo's liberal suit may get some conservative tailoring
MBFR: the forgotten negotiations
Commercials unlimited
Bush in Europe - four big issues to tackle
Cracking down on separatism in Napoleon's isle
Freeing up food trade
Quiet song
Reagan must certify rights progress soon to continue aid
Rebellion in El Salvador undermines defense minister -- and holds American policy hostage
US consumer confidence reported at a standstill
Salvador human rights 'improving'?
Protecting and caring for fine jewelry
Tax hike appears certain as deficit concern mounts
Japan's best seller now in America; Totto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window, by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, translated by Dorothy Britton, illustrations b...