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Monitor Archive for September 23, 1982

Ma Bell celebrates the first telephone
The Guys in the Truck; Comedy by Howard Reifsnyder. Directed by David Black.
Britain struggles with moral, political issues of strike . . . while British unemployment hits 14 percent mark
Reagan regulators ease controls on auto industry
Crime in Canada spurs calls for reviving capital punishment
Canals and conservation
Angry Mexicans losing faith in their country
A princess to filmgoers
Royals capitalize at home; Twins gain seasoning
Oil crews abandon rigs off Alaska and Yucatan
Coward revival reigns among N.Y. stage comedies
Jewish leader OKs Reagan peace plan
US spending growth still going up, but it may lag GNP
Say it again, Alice
Lebanese crisis pulls US, France closer together
Martin Marietta wins bout in Bendix takeover fight
Subaru sets its sights on urban -- and rural -- markets in US
New study questions fighting inflation by cutting jobs
Why Japan's least popular leader will probably win
Polish authorities weigh closing down Solidarity
Oklahomans legalize betting on horses
Possible Brezhnev heir reappears
October Skychart
How's the GOP playing in Peoria? Congressman Michel is bullish
Lasers, polymers, computers: high tech fights crime
New push to aid victims of crime
Roman raiders and their lost arks
In Zimbabwe security and civil rights clash
Arab ministers give US moral blame for massacre
Tacos -- a spicy new addition to S. African fast food
Tricks that help plants reproduce
Israel in uproar as details of massacre emerge
New free, up-scale magazine is geared to cities
Lillian Gish; A National Treasure, Still A Trouper
Steelworkers may be ready to offer wage cuts
'Face saving' in China - Avon's there to help
Around the majors, briefly
For the facts on the massacre
Which road for Israel?
College football ties broken only by a handful of conferences
One of those days!
Congress OKs bill to put trains back on the track
America's favorite granny
Big contest could come in '84; North Carolina: GOP bright spot?
Budget cuts? Not for dams, waterways
Sounds of strain between US and its allies echo in the halls of Congress
Knucklebones; Comedy by Douglas Anderson. Directed by Jay Perry.
The many masks of modern art
Challenge to merger of Seattle papers could affect other cities
'The race is not to the swift'
Boston schools upgrade goals
S. Pacific Kanaks ask for self-rule
Little Hong Kong looms over Great Britain-China talks
The Pac-Man battle of Martin Marietta and Bendix
San Francisco cable cars clang to a halt for repairs
Twins coming of age
Jewel-like film on the Taj Mahal
If Willie were a manager
Make the UN work
'Siberiade': a provocative glimpse of Russian history