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Monitor Archive for September 20, 1982

M1 may mean Fed stays interest rate level
Padres improve under Williams
No sellout to Chrysler
Destruction at two refugee camps -- witnesses tell how it happened
New foundation responds to growing awareness of elderly's needs
Moscow accuses Israel, US
Testing time for Poland's academic reforms
US is pressured to find an end to Beirut agony
Lebanon after the massacre
Whiskering hope
Today's stage abounds with religious themes
100 Honduran hostages still held
Students hoping for the good life via the good job
Haiti; Little to live on but hope; Refugees freed from US detention camps
Fresh charges to Marcos on human rights violations
God with us
Teachers 'hear the whistle blowin' in Waltham museum
Haiti; Little to live on but hope; Hatians flock to capital, but few find jobs
That tattered old currency can't hack it with the automatic tellers
Haiti; Little to live on but hope; Slum dwellers live in tin shacks without water
Congressional fight brews on FTC oversight of doctors
Also of note on Capitol Hill...
Volunteers and interns get one foot in the job door
The social goal of Reaganomics
Colombian mothers and the adoption process
Haiti; Little to live on but hope; US set conditions on aid to Haiti in '82
Millicent and the millionaire: big bucks, tough talk mean lively race
Polish college students find purse strings cut
Etiquette vs. the not-so-noble savage
After Schmidt era -- a conservative renaissance
On the wrong track?
Destruction at two refugee camps -- witnesses tell how it happened
Something for ages hence
Haiti; Little to live on but hope; Peasants try to stretch $2 a week to feed eight
US reportedly to sell fighter jets to Jordan
British horrified at massacre
Marcos pledges Constitution will guide succession
US puts a hold on nuclear accord with China
Bolivian military rulers to bring back democracy
Colombian children find new homes in America
What's all the fuss?
Cable is making inroads on broadcast TV, but...
Newcomer center, gentle reception for high school immigrants
After the Marcos visit: the future of a special relationship
President Reagan pushes prayer in public schools
How marbleous!
Lebanese parliament to elect new President
UN Security Council assails Palestinian deaths
Video-game robots: use your head, not buttons
Needed: a new approach on theater nuclear arms
Congress tries to please voters as election nears
New study suggests the wealthy just pick better stocks
Oh, the crewel world
Black city, white suburb: Northern school challenge
America faces credibility gap in Arab world
Final word: US soldier defected to North Korea