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Monitor Archive for September 17, 1982

All about how the mutual funds performed -- in 700 pages of detail
Industrial revenue bonds include advantage of tax-free status
Japanese told budget is due for some cutbacks
A new voice for black conservatives
Garden institute offers a membership bonus
Switching funds in a changing economic climate
From Kremlin battlements the outlook is frustrating
Law proposed to benefit employees of multinationals
Trilateral study questions value of sanctions to West
Money market funds avert predicted setback
The friends of summer
Removing faded 'flowers' without harming tub and using extra care with a fiber-glass shower

Refuge, not revenge
Fund executives revise stocks, bonds strategies
Despite widespread joblessness, Tennesseans stand by their governor
How the allure of Mexican oil turned sour for investors
Philippine President is quest at White House
Breaking NBC's news break
Experts call for changes in antiballistic missile treaty
Brezhnev trying to outflank Reagan Mideast initiative
The little touches mean a lot when it's time to sell a home
Reagan's bid to blacks
Janus is an equity fund, but it's not stuck on the stock markets
Schmidt, Lambsdorff roll up sleeves for final showdown
Beirut resigned to new occupation
Man to watch in China -- will Hu succeed Hu?
Dialogue in Poland still possible
The squeeze on jobs; Black S. Africans find fewer jobs, fewer opportunities to seek them
Black GOP and Reagan: applause mixed with criticism
The imperturbable Mr. Shultz
Exchange funds are drying up
The wrong crime package
No presidential sashes -- yet -- on Mexico's military men
News from CBS News
Wide tax evasions generate political uproar in Australia
N. Ireland under Prior lurches forward with uncertainty
Prose, white as snow
US acts sharply to save Reagan's Mideast plan
Iran firing squad executes former foreign minister
Also of note in Tennessee
Building The Architect; The Road From Lego Blocks To Skyscrapers
To rid white paint on brick, spread on paint remover
Peking officials hint deal on return of Hong Kong

China's leaders try to recover respect of masses
Inside Report
Removing faded 'flowers' without harming tub

Re-creating the royal wedding -- and network news troubles
Making money in space: US firms set for liftoff

Gentle honeybee is garden's best friend

PLO's Arafat asks return of foreign troops to Beirut
Shingling a curved roof? Prepare to improvise
Chrysler wage-boost pact now up for ratification
Why don't 10 million jobless stir up US voters?
A program for getting drinking drivers off the road
The squeeze on jobs; Despite strike threats, are British unions losing their punch?
Census Bureau: US is seventh largest Hispanic nation
Last US hand-crank phone system may be disconnected
N.Y. police arrest fugitive on 10 most wanted list
German schoolgirls talk feminism
Throughness essential in removing pet odors
Cardinals battle for division lead with a nestful of baseball rivals