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Monitor Archive for September 13, 1982

'The Mideast peace process is irreversible'
The new vaudeville -- rebirth of a family entertainment
I heard a whisper in the hall
3-D, lost gimmick of the '50s, returns in a form that may finally succeed
Chilean President won't speed democratic process
Soviets back Ethiopia in Ogaden
Florida banks on new way to fund legal aid
Memphis wins kudos for low-cost utilities
Libya taps Polish production glut
In Pakistan, Islam and majority rule don't mix
Talking animal crackers
Faculty salaries, World's Fair, scholarships, talking encyclopedia
What is the third world?
Superstition receding before Science
As federal aid dries up; Colleges try riskier investments
An Arab peace plan, too
After Fez, Egypt drifting from other Arabs?
World's 'No. 1 problem' is soil protection
The city that trade built
Thriving Louisiana looks beyond oil for future growth
Shortsighted lab cuts
Battling wind erosion in Texas
Trudeau tries to revive economy, party
India's newest satellite ran out of gas too early
After sixth Open title, Chris still has worlds to conquer
Louisiana congressman wins bid for reelection
High costs, new life styles are closing many canneries
Deng achieves some of his leadership rejuvenation . . . but avoids upsetting the Army
Good schools beat budget crunch with more attention to teaching
After Fez: key role for PLO in peace talks
Haiti's lost hope for press freedom

Spain's gesture to the PLO -- a dream vacation for Palestinian orphans
Delinquent child-support payments keep women on welfare rolls
South Africa selling weapons developed under arms embargo
College presidency needs conviction, efficiency, rapport
Polish moderates say nation may have reached turning point
US chopper explodes en route to air show
US reveals Soviet missile plan for Europe
Saving social security: time runs short on wary Congress
Alaska's second buried treasure -- coal resources
Manila bomb blast not political, police say
Wind, roofs, refugees
South Africa's apartheid worse, black bishop says
Business as usual
Behind override of Reagan veto: issue of authority
Swiss triumph in embassy rescue gives way to anticlimactic questions
Americans' incomes beat inflation in '81

An American woman's devotion to war-torn Lebanon
Beneath the brush strokes and oil
Mothers without custody: a painful decision
Beyond the asbestos case