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Monitor Archive for August 9, 1982

On hand for a nuclear test blast
China leaders won't fade away, they'll join council
The sitting
Day care in private homes
Unemployment -- on both sides of Atlantic
Why US leverage is minimal
Few Palestinians have been able to flee west Beirut
Reagan's new evenhandedness on the Middle East
Wall Street's yo-yoing -- what lies behind it?
Argentine Indians' separate identity
Renovating cities of the Old World with New World ideas
Kenya prowls for coup plotters and looters in Nairobi rubble
Hall of Famer Waite Hoyt remembered for careers in baseball, broadcasting
Hinckley to appear at court hearing after all
Hard money, soft politics
France checking reports prisoners work on pipeline
Year round schooling, a nice idea until summer arrives
Japan's mail: delivery without a human touch
Without beginnings or endings
US keeps trying for diplomatic solution
The gender of success
Israel in Lebanon: a Zionist vs. the media
Twins' slugger combines average, power in bid for top rookie honors
British government doffs stake in North Sea oil
Total US aid to Israel -- its dimensions, implications
Marcos appoints wife to executive committee
Poland enjoys a relaxed August, but problems persist
European Commission rejects US Steel rejection
Despite House vote, nuclear freeze may prove potent come November
Ahoy! Now hear this! Volunteer teachers needed
The central fact
The saga of Glen Cove
Unemployment -- on both sides of Atlantic
Budget tension amid Washington's August languor
Spadolini's surprise
Labor plans early say in '84 presidential race
Seeing into a poem
Growing trade links ease longtime rivalry between India and China
Peter, Paul, and Mary: a zestful sound for today - from the '60s
A new, internal Turkish threat?
Eminent domain -- Oakland's key to keeping the Raiders in town?
Two warriors, two nationalisms
OAU summit fizzles in Qaddafi-land
If New York's art galleries are shut, it must be August
Summer outings on a tandem bike
West Berlin theater, reminder of an old tradition going strong
Reagan's social agenda
Rights issue hot topic at ABA meeting
Ahoy! Now hear this! Volunteer teachers needed
Across the Water
Keep weapons out of space
People's Temple victims to receive compensation
How investment sleuths burrow into world news to pick stocks
Reagan picks Feldstein as new economic chief
As ever, governors are wary of New Federalism
Court ruling rekindles debate over how best to protect US motorists