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Monitor Archive for August 5, 1982

Motor homes zoom back: gas prices stalled them; motel bills are giving them a boost
Legacy of bitter war in Lebanon: thousands of Arab prisoner with nowhere to go; 'I fought the PLO, and the Israelis put me in the same tent with the...
Legacy of bitter war in Lebanon: thousands of Arab prisoners with nowhere to go; Israeli officials say accounts inaccurate, biased
El Salvador presses rights action

EC group starts talks in US on steel exports
New angle on an old game?
The time-share pitch; Are vacation sellers throwing you a curve?
Hungarian maverick outlines alternative to state ownership
The meeting
Legacy of bitter war in Lebanon: thousands of Arab prisoners with nowhere to go; 'What will happen to the detainees is a political question,' Israel...
Hitachi charges entrapment
Reagan backer vs. liberal in Missouri Senate seat
Presidential credibility
If the Russians want grain and pipelines, let them cut arms

Telltale signs of rubber stamp art
Iraq, foiling Iran's attacks, calls for war reparations
Australia fears wheat loss
Chargers count on improved defense in bid to finally reach Super Bowl
Wall Street leaves dungeon, but still exercises caution
Loosestrife: beautiful but unwanted
After Haigspeak -- linguistic vacuum in Washington
Reagan signs law to spur filling of US oil reserve
Legacy of bitter war in Lebanon: thousand of Arab prisoners with nowhere to go; Hooded informers and beatings alleged by detainee
Minnesota's Twin Cities: partners in quality living

Japan reports net export decline
Try for the brass ring
Chinese paper challenges policy of sexual equality
Flash! EPA protects environment!
US consumer confidence rises
Most of Kenyan Air Force arrested in coup attempt
Reagan sharpens warning to Israel, stops short of action
Computers track course of acid rain
Beirut civilians -- will they leave?
'He said I was right!'
Climbing the mountain
Fight to regain control of spending in Congress
Tales of the old West; The fine art of storytelling
Hungary looks to bountiful harvest to help repay its Western debts
Chip wars: summer battle for our hearts and palates
Alaska: never-never land for Afghan nomads
Jobless US workers mark Reaganomics with protest
Housing that Moves . . . and provides, at low cost, the look and feel of a complete home
Ol' king coal -- soon to be recrowned in the US?
NBC's baseball cheer
Juggling space for the ideal compact home
The merry-go-round
Also of note in Texas . . .
Politicians can't agree on whether Texas recession is coming or going
Visit to two time-share resorts: the pressure is on
Walesa does not expect release from Polish camp
A one-hole golf match -- with par at 7,173!
The Bard looks impressive in Oregon this season
Proxmire's booby prize; Does the Golden Fleece have a silver lining?
More at stake than usual in PGA championship
'Tex,' Disney's sensitive story of a teenager's life
Father was a Beatle (Oh yeah!)
The place of decision
Why Japan's history texts are volatile issue in S. Korea
Africa: desperation spurs reform
Hijacker surrenders in northern India
Israel seems determined to fight despite US warning
Kemp dilemma: presidential hopes vs. Reagan loyalty
Jojoba beans: the plant of the future, or an intriguing fad?
Will federal borrowing be too low for eager investors?
French stiffen road safety after weekend accident
Qaddafi accuses US of subverting OAU summit